Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Years

New Years Eve was quite a busy day for us. We had an early Dr's appt. then went to lunch and the park with some friends.

Love the face. You never get used to the smell of poopy diapers!

We went to The Christensens house for a New Years Eve party. Most of the adults were outside but since we've been living in 80 degree weather the last 6 months, we were to cold to hang out outside! We opted for the fun inside.

Afton with Papa

With cousin Kaedyn

We took this picture right before leaving. No laughing but I just couldn't make it to midnight... the 1st trimeseter fatigue got the best of me and we left a little early to go home and go to bed, or atleast Afton and I went to bed.

Ashlee and Neal spent New Years Eve at Disneyland and came home with surprises for Afton.