Friday, April 23, 2010

Donuts for breakfast!

We all get pretty excited around here to have donuts for breakfast! :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just you and me kid

We finally made it to the snow! We were so excited to move back to fresno andgo snowboarding all the time. That never happened. With me working two jobs and Logans schedule pretty much being the opposite of mine, we've had no free time to get up the mountain. However, in February we had a Monday that we were both free and that someone could babysit for us (thank you Katie and Sharon!). It was amazing. We walked on to every lift. No waiting, no people cutting you off and slowing you down. I love the feeling of carving down the mountain, flying with the wind and snow stinging your face! And the best part is that it was only Logan and I. No baby, just us. It felt like old times when we were dating. We decided to only go half day since the forecast was bad after 1:00 and it started to get very cold and slushy. But it ended up being just right for us. We managed to make it out before either of us had any injuries! Quite the accomplishment and the cherry to the top of our good day.

Driving to drop Afton off with Aunt Katie.

On our way up the lift for our first trip down the mountain.

Logan about to go on the jump.

At the peak, just off the lift.


Me, I know I look like a boy.

I love my desktop computer!

A little while after I got home from my trip to Seattle, our computer crashed. It was a sad time for me. I couldn't do a lot of things on the laptop that I can on our desktop. I'm definitely a desktop girl. I love my big typepad and cursor. I love my big screen (thank you Steve and Kim) and all the applications and things I had saved on our computer. Luckily nothing was lost, just all our applications were erased. As of Sunday, I have my computer back. I no longer get online just to check my e-mail! I have a lot of blogging to catch up on and a lot of little projects to finish! So be checking in.... we'll be posting finally. And hopefully it will be a very long time before the trojan virus destroys any of our computers.

First Haircut

It was way overdue! The hair on the top of Afton's head just does not want to grow as fast as the back. The outcome...she can grow a mean mullet. So we cut it, and since then we have trimmed it 3 times. It looks a lot better!

Acting as if she's going to sit still....

...but no. I was praying wouldn't stab her with my scissors!

Pathetic little pile! :)

short and trimmed in the back.... and back to being called a boy everywhere we go. :)