Monday, October 4, 2010

Old San Juan- 8/20/2010

Logan got home from school early enough on friday for us to catch the ferry over to Old San Juan. I love it there. It's so beautiful and rich in culture. We ended up meeting up with some friends who were also there and just explored and had dinner (Wendy's dollar menu..hey were poor.) I took pics only right as we got there then put my camera away and enjoyed myself. But I'll have better pics of OSJ later on.

On the ferry

Walking along the outside of the wall

The tree's are so old and so beautiful.

Escambron Beach 8/14

Found a familiar place

We needed this. It was a long long day. One of those days I would not wish on anyone! Logan's brand new laptop crashed, as I explained in previous posts. Well HP insisted that we send it back to them to be fixed instead of replacing it. After 4 hours of trying to find Fed Ex in Pr we got Logans laptop back...

this is what it looked like. You should have seen our faces when the guy handed us our package and cheerfully said, "whoa, looks like it had a rought ride." Yah! I would say so. Sure enough, it was dented in 3 places and a pixel on the screen had gone out. It once again took about 2 weeks of battling with HP, holding on the phone, getting hung up on "by accident", being told wrong information, and waiting for phone calls back that never came before they said, send it back and we'll fix it. Seriously! My least favorite people in the world! So yah, running into Coldstone was needed and having giftcards with us from birthdays past that completely paid for our trip to Coldstone definitely helped.

As an update... We are still waiting to get Logans laptop back! They say they're waiting for parts. In the meantime he is taking my laptop to school and then using it at home to study. Very limited time for me to catch up on blogging and e-mails. :(

First few days in PR

We had a lot of naps in the car.
Ate a whole lot of fast food.
Moved into our new apartment.
Got boxes of our things that my mom and brother shipped for us. THANK YOU!
Did a whole lot of crying!
Just about lost my sanity!
But still managed to be dang cute while doing it all....well atleast afton looked cute. I'm not so sure about the rest of us! :)

Logans real Birthday!!

Logan celebrated his birthday 5 times this year!! Really! Once in fresno with his side, once with my side, once at the Shreeves house, once at the Preece house, and once with me in PR. What can I say, he is very loved!

The birthday boy getting ready for another big day of car and apartment hunting!

Finally found a car and a credit union where we could get money to pay for it! It was quite the task since there are really no banks in PR that are in the states!! I'm glad that whole ordeal is over!

Finally getting a late Puerto Rican lunch at Bebo's BBQ. It was delicious and perked up our spirits after a long day!

What did logan want for birthday cake? Costco muffins. Well that was easy. No baking required on my end!

Happy Birthday Logan. You make life pretty awesome!