Thursday, February 17, 2011

Decorating Sugar Cookies

We got together with the Henderson side for some sugar cookie decorating. Kristi made an insane amount of cookies.... but in the end they all always get eaten. I think I personally ate 8 that day alone. I love sugar cookies! I'm not sure which Afton ate more of, the sugar cookies or frosting. We had a lot of fun.

Only some of the cookies!

Logan had gotten into town by then and got to go with us! It was so good finally getting to do Christmas stuff together as a family!

Tis the Season

For baking and sneaking licks of frosting.

Opening early presents.

Elf's that make sure your being nice not naughty!
Sleeping hard like a baby.

Drinking way to much chocolate milk.

And dancing.... "who let the dogs out!"

Getting the Christmas Tree

This year my mom and sister waited for me to come home before picking a tree. We always love picking and decorating the tree.

Our tree
The Termeer's tree

And Afton fell asleep on the drive to get them so we left her in the car and parked where we could keep an eye on her while looking.

Decorating the Termeers tree

It was a few days before we had time to decorate our tree all together. We went home and relaxed instead. Afton with the head band Grandma got her and the stickers Nana gave her at the book store.

Saying Bye

Logan was able to take us to the airport on his lunch break. Our flight left at 1:30 and that day he had a lunch break from 11:00 to 1:00. It was good to have him take us. I finished packing, Loaded up the car... which mean't carrying some very heavy suitcases down 4 flights of stairs, and then we drove and picked Logan up from school. We had plenty of time once we got checked in so we grabbed some Wendy's since none of us had lunch. It took forever, and I mean forever! Not because their were a lot of people in line, just because the workers are slow and don't really care. It's the layed back caribbean way. We ended not getting to sit down to eat and having to run to security. It was so sad once we were there. Afton knew exactly what was going on and she was crying for Logan as we went through security. Can I say, I hate the security checks... seriously I have to take my 2 year olds shoes and mine off while carrying her and a gazillion bags. Then as if that's not hard enough I have to remove my laptop/dvd player from the bags which just so happen to be a the bottom. And people just stand there annoyed because your taking too long! Ahhhh... I hate it! I have an idea, instead of staring annoyed why doesn't one of you offer to help! Not a fan of security checks!

This is the best picture I could get. We didn't have much time in the security line.

And luckily she slept for a good part of the trip. We left at around 1:30pm our time and got into Fresno at around 5:00 am our time. A long long day of flying and driving. We flew into LA because it was a lot cheaper, but it also mean't a 4 hour drive and of course our flight was delayed.

Yes I kept moving her alligator so that she didn't suffocate herself.

We slept for a while and then got up to this.... a big backyard that she was so excited for. She loves being outside!

And she loves Bailey girl.

Playing with Dada

With only a little time before we left, Logan made sure to get in some good play time with Afton. We left 2 weeks ahead of him to save money on tickets (waiting a week would have been an extra 300.00 one way for Afton and I combined!) and so that I could go back and have plenty of time to pick up some shifts for work. Two weeks doesn't seem long, but it is. We sure missed Logan. I'm so glad DAD's have more energy!

Christmas Decorating

And that is it! Pretty pathetic. We did recieve a Chrsitmas banner that my sister made but Logan got it after Afton and I had already left to go home to Fresno.

Wish Bone

Since I cooked the turkey for Thanksgiving, Logan swooped the wish bone. I don't really get this little tradition... it's kinda silly to me but that's probably why little kids love it. Afton got the wish, though I don't really think she understood what that means.

Monday, February 7, 2011


The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went with our friends Tyler and Tiff to an island off Puerto Rico, Vieques. We had originally hoped to go to Culebra, another island, but those ferry tickets were all sold out so we jumped on the boat to Vieques instead and had a great time!
Asking about renting a car. There weren't any available so we just caught a taxi. At 4 dollars a trip, the taxi wasn't so bad!

And it's sad but not all the scenery is great... :( We walked by this on our trek to "the perfect spot."

Afton and I walked out to the end of the pier to wave to Logan. He turned and started swimming towards us quickly then stopped really fast!...
He almost ran into one of these guys! That would have not been very fun!
While looking for conches we found this little guy
Tiff and I left Afton with the boys and went on a little walk down the beach to explore.
At the end of the day about to get food! We were starving!

Waiting for the ferry

Is everyone elses kid in love with the Iphone?!!!