Sunday, May 24, 2009

Afton went swimming for the first time this week. She loved it... watch the video. She kept trying to grab and drink the water. She'll have lots of chances to play in the water this summer. Starting next week I will be teaching swim classes twice a week for some of the kids in our ward... one of the classes is the parent/tot class that Afton will do with me. Should be really fun!

San Diego Temple

We stopped by the distribution center this week and then decided to walk around the temple for a few minutes. It was such a beautiful day.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Watermelon Crawl

My neighbor brought us over half of a watermelon the other day so I gave some to Afton and she loved it. Since then we've had watermelon everyday. I think our kitchen floor is permanently sticky!

Quick trip to Fres-yes

Afton and I made a trip up to Fresno last weekend. John was going through the temple for the first time and I wanted to go with him. Logan wasn't able to come because of work but he's always a really good sports about missing out on some of the fun and visits. What a nice guy. He found ways to keep himself busy... he bought a playstation 3, and got a gym pass and went everyday while we were gone. I'm proud to say he's still been going everyday and gained 7 pounds in 1 week. It's nice that it's summer now and he has a little more time to do things he wants. Anyway, our visit was a lot of fun. We got to see everyone from both sides of our family. I didn't take many pictures while I was there.... maybe 10 total. Just wasn't in a picture taking mood. So here are the few that I got from our weekend in Fres-yes.

I love just sitting out side when the suns starting to go down.

Cute girl with food all over her face. She throws the biggest fit when I try to wipe her face.

The fam there to support John

Afterwads we went to Me-n-Ed's. This pizza place has the best pizza in the world! I have tried many parlors and none even come close to how good Me-n-Ed's is! To bad it's only in the central valley!

Grandpa playing with Afton... or more like teasing her. haha She loved all the attention she got while we visited.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mothers Day?!

Somewhere inbetween all the fun we had these last few weeks we had mothers day. We managed to not get an pictures nor did we do really anything exciting. Logan had to work and we had some friends in town that weekend so no big plans were made which actually ended up being nice. We just relaxed and went to church. I also didn't get any pictures from our weekend with the Allreds, Hollidays and Mattsons so I had to steal these from Jamie and Trevors blog.

Ryan, Heidi, Trevor, Jamie, and Kendra all came in town for the weekend. It was a lot of fun. We had one big sleep over the whole weekend. Everyone stayed at the Holidays since they have a great house big enough to fit everyone. Friday night we had a bonfire on the beach... or as Allred put it a bum fire. Apparently we didn't get enough wood to make the fire very big or to have it last very long. Then, we went home, logan finally got off work and came over and the boys like usual stayed up until 4 a.m. playing guitar hero then got up at 6 a.m. to go wakeboarding. Sadly everyone went but me (and Emily b/c she had to work)... We didn't have a baby lifejacket for Afton and it's really really cold and wet (and miserable for a tired baby) on the bay in the morning so I went home and both Afton and I went back to bed. It was really nice to get the extra bit of sleep. Saturday we BBQ-ed went to the beach and just kicked it together at the house. Then Sunday (aka mothers day) everyone headed home(back to Utah) and we hurried to try and make it to Sacrament on time and listened to Emily give a talk. It was a fun weekend with some of our favorite people. :)

When Dads not home to protect his things...

Stuff like this happens.

Always a good time at the Park

I love logans days off from work because we get to do stuff like this together. Simple fun.

eskimo kisses

tree hugger

Swing lover

Why not Celebrate!?

We are not of Mexican descent nor is Cinco de Mayo a real Mexican holiday... apparently the people of Mexico have no such holiday. But we thought, why not celebrate anyway?! So here's to our independence and our freedom to celebrate whatever we want!

No better place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than Old Town. I think we were the only ones there not having margaritas!

Other festivites for the day included:

Logan feeding and making lots of sweet potatoes for Afton....I know, very exciting!

Logan and Afton wrestling

Afton and Chippy wrestling.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to us!

So so suck your toe

It's amazing how flexible babies are. Afton has a new favorite hobby of sucking on her big toe... I love it when they do that! Only time in her life when this will be cute!

Feeling a little silly.


That's right OOP. It's this crazy/fun/silly game some of Logans friends created and play all the time. I won't go into details about the rules but I will tell you this... It involves the pool, running, dunking, a big blow up ball with two holes and these guys love it and could play it for hours... literally hours. We got together May 2nd for a BBQ with everyone and it turned into an Oop fest. We didn't start cooking the food until pretty late that night. It was a lot of fun just getting together with everyone.

Afton is obsessed with dogs. She laughs histerically and screams with excitement anytime she see's one... pretty cute.

Our Ward Party Was Off the Hook! :)

Seriously it was great. The activities commitee in our ward did a great job... almost as good as the christmas party in our first ward where our bishop surprised everybody and rocked out (played a rock version of a christmas tune on the drums) in a band with some youth from the ward... that was awesome too! So yah it was up there on our list of good ward parties. The theme was decades from the past (or something like that). Everyone dressed up in outfits from there favorite decade. My favorite outift was this elderly lady who put on a flapper dress... I totally voted for her in the costume contest and she won. Logan voted for this somewhat older guy who wore a hippie outfit.... I could definitely imagine him being a hippie. There was also dancing and a lipsync. I was very surprised at how many people/groups participated in the lipsync.... even the Mormon Tabernacle Choir showed up... well a fake one atleast. We laughed so hard at the silly performances people put on. And the dancing was great because it wasn't the awkward everyone standing around watching a few people dance... they actually taught really quick easy dances ( the hustle, the electric slide, swing etc.) so that people could all do the same dance together. I definitely did my fair share of dancing.... which resulted in a picture of me dancing being posted on the board at church the following sunday... not what I was hoping for. I didn't take pictures but they had a picture booth so we managed to escape this fun event with one picture together.