Sunday, January 31, 2010

A little wisdom lost at the new year....

actually pulled. I finally had my wisdom teeth pulled on the 29th. We wanted to use the rest of the money left on our dental insurance before the year was over. Rod Kellog, being the nice guy that he is, last minute fit me in. It didn't take very long. He just numbed the area locally and let Logan come in to watch. Two of my teeth came out no problem. One was a little harder and had an infection under it (so I was put on penicillin). And the last one, always the last one, was a beast. I guess there was bone growth over the top of it so it would have never come down. I'm just glad I finally got them taken out... they've been such a burden for so long!! Two had come completely through but there was not enough room in my mouth for them and one had just started to break through the gum. I could feel the pressure from it and was glad to get rid of it! I was feeling so good the next day that I didn't take it easy at all and it wiped me out for New years Eve. I didn't want to spend my New Years cooped up in the house so I decided I would go with Logan and the Hollidays (who were visiting from out of town) to Japanese Kitchen; even though I still really couldn't eat anything! About three hours before we're supposed to go, my right eye swelled shut, I got a rash and my wind pipe started to close. I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to penicillin. I have never had a reaction to it before, but i guess it can happen at anytime. I downed 3 benedryll and layed on my parents couch wheezing. Thinking back, it was pretty scary how much my throat closed! But it all turned out fine. I woke up just as Logan was leaving to go with the Hollidays. He asked if I still wanted to go..... NO. After he left I got up and started walking around and realized I was totally drugged and loopy but feeling better. Long story short, my mom drove me to meet up with everyone at the restaurant (because I couldn't drive that loopy!) and we entered the New year with a bang! It was a rough start but hopefully that means it will be a good finish.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Merry Christmas! Ok I know it was more than a month ago but I'm slowly getting caught up on the blogging. Christmas came and went so fast this year. I'll be honest, it didn't really feel like christmas for most of it. Maybe because we were so busy the whole time. I wish I would have gotten pictures of the house. Logan went all out on decorating the outside with lights. We're paying for it now! Our electricity bill was over 200 dollars!! Are you kidding me! There was an artical in the paper last week about the electricity cost in Fresno compared to other cities and apparently it is outrageously priced here. More than San Diego and L.A. by a long shot!. We didn't know that before Logans decorating extravaganza... but I'm sure he would have done it anyway. So, the decorations were great and Christmas Eve and Day were both a lot of fun.

Christmas Eve

We went out to eat with the Henderson side of the family. Tahoe Joes was great! We love food... especially a good steak. :)

Afterwards we came home and played and got ready for Dad to go to work. Yes he had to work the night shift Christmas Eve. It will be a great year when he no longer has to work on holidays and continually go so long without sleep! Poor guy!

Afton playing Peek-a-boo with the blanket. She was crackin herself up.

A Christmas Eve picture of us. Sad to see Logan go.

Look at those eyes! I love them. People ask me often what color her eyes are because they just can't tell. Everyone see's them as something different. I just tell them they're dark. We really don't know. They are this weird greenish grey around the outside and then uneven specs of brown around the pupil. So it's easier to just say dark.

I know not the most flattering picture of me!

Getting ready for bed and for Santa to come!

And he came!!! Even though she's been throwing naughty tantrums! :)

Up bright and early!

Of course the first thing she ran for was the ball. She loves balls.

Climbing in her chair. It was a hit and still is.
Eating breakfast and Grandma and Grandpa's. Every year we have eggs benedict. It's so good... but only if the egg is cooked all the way through. Afton had a candy cane for breakfast. She saw it in my stocking and knew exactly what it was. She wouldn't give it up after that and we didn't want to start fights on Christmas morning!

She put the rest of the candy cane in her mouth sideways. Aunt Ashlee had to help her get it un-stuck! haha

Logan came home and changed into his new Christmas pj's. He couldn't wait to get out of work clothes!

Opening her first present

Aunt Christa got her a cell phone and as you can tell it was a hit. She still loves it!

Uncle Micheal found her this stuffed iguana in memory of my loved pet Walter.

A little after noon we headed over to the Henderson side to open up presents there. Afton's new obsession is chairs. Any chair. She kept sneaking in Avery's new chair that she got for Christmas... Avery wasn't to happy about that. Robbie finally snuck it back in the car to keep the peace! :)

Logan playing with Afton's new recorder.

She loves all her new toys!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Getting ready for Christmas we...

Got the decorations out. (atleast her shoes are on!)

Celebrated Katies 31st Birthday on the 6th.

Picked out the tree.

Realized it was our worst tree ever with lots of bald dead spots!

Picked out mom's tree since she was in Seattle on business.

It only took us 5 mintues compared to the hour is takes when she is there.

Found plenty of time to play with the little girl.

Decorated the tree.

Found a cute and cheap Christmas outfit to:
Steal ornaments in.

Play with dad in.

High five the angel in.

And just be so cute in.

Getting ready for Christmas we...

Put up Christmas lights.

Decorated the Termeers Tree.

And made special eyeball ornaments for Debbie and David.

Had a candy cane coma and laid passively on the ground while everyone decorated.

Put on some Christmas PJ's and danced around in them.

Made Christmas cards on photoshop with some of my newly aquired skills. (sorry if you didn't get one, we didn't send out very many this year)

And waited for Christmas day to arrive.