Friday, December 17, 2010

Ward Halloween Party

We went to our ward halloween party and had a great time. Getting there however was a little difficult. Logan had to study all day so I had the task of finishing our last minute costumes, getting us ready, logans costume packed, getting everything down the three flights of stairs to the car and the cupcakes, candy, and soup we were supposed to bring loaded. As I was about to take the soup down stairs I realized that I had forgetten to put chicken in it... the key ingredient! So I opted to not take it and have it for dinner the next night. Luckily there was plenty of soup at the party. As you can imagine, we were running late. We picked Logan up from school and finally headed to the church for the party. Once there I could finally relax and enjoy Halloween!

Our little puppy! I didn't think Afton would wear a costume, especially something in her hair. But i got her dressed in her costume and put her in front of the mirror to show her she was a "dog dog" and she was in love! She still loves wearing her costume.

Loved getting stickers in the fishing game.

Trunk or Treating. This year was the first year that she got what she was supposed to do. She loved it, and we loved eating some of the candy she collected!

With her buddy Carson the pirate. Aargh!

Sitting on the curb eating candy. A good ending to a fun night. It was so nice and warm, definitely different then the cold we walked in last year!

And we found her rolling in the grass. She really is a little puppy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Halloween Party

My friend Julia planned a really cute party for our little kids. It was a lot of fun and she did such a great job. Secretly I hope she'll do one for every holiday!

Afton didn't quite understand that your supposed to leave your eyes covered.

Decorating cookies

Little Miss 2 Year Old!

Nicknames: Affy
Special stuffed animal: Alligator
Favorite song: Hello Hello, ABC's and "Baby" by Justin Beiber.
Favorite movie: Monsters Inc.
Favorite T.V. Show: Backyardigans
Favorite animal: Loves all animals, but especially loves dogs.
Favorite Color: "Oange!" (orange)
Favorite Number: 2
Favorite toys: Magna Doodle, big Legos, and puzzles.
Favorite food: "tuptakes", blueberries, strawberries, cucumbers, chicken, pistachios, popsicles and M&M's.
Least Favorite food: Green Beans, and potstickers.
What makes you laugh: When I do something silly("silly affin!"), dada, and dogs.
Favorite activity: Swimming!, swing, slides, anything outside, jumping on the bed, coloring, play doh.
Favorite game: "I gonna get you!"
Favorite thing to wear: Dog dog costume, tutu skirts, mommy's shoes and anything orange.
Bad Habit: picking scabs and labels off, whining, throwing things, and getting into mommy's purse.
I know all my ABC's by sight and know the sounds of some of them.
I know my shapes: Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Crescent, Circle, Star, Diamond.
I know the numbers 1-10
I know my colors.
My parents have no idea where I learned all of this from or how I learned all of it so quickly!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Our first Visitors

My parents were able to come visit us in October. My mom came for almost two weeks and my dad for a week. It was so great to have visitors. I think they're loving that where we live just so happens to be tropical vacation destination! We had a lot of fun!

Picking Grandma up from the airport. Afton ran right past security before I could stop her. Luckily they didn't care!

And of course 2 minutes before leaving our house to go get grandma, Afton was running down our tile hall and fell into the corner of the wall. She had a little black eye the next day.

El Yunque Rainforest

We hiked down to one of the waterfalls. It was a beautiful hike and pretty easy. On our way out it poured on us... we fully understood what it means by "rainforest".

Beach Trips

You feed one pigeon, a million show up.

Build a Bear

Afton has a little obsession with stuffed animals. She loves them and I'm not a fan. I think me not liking stuffed animals stems from my sisters collection that she had in a canopy over my bed that I had to store all of high school while she was in college. They just sat there collecting dust and spiders. Not a fan, unless you can wash them. Anyway, Afton loves them and Grandma took her to Build a Bear to make her very own. She picked a dog, and yes it's washable!

Afton's Birthday

Afton woke up and had this waiting for her. She watched cartoons on it that morning.

We took her to the park to play.

Then went swimming.

And finished with dinner, friends, opening presents, picking up grandpa from the airport, and cake for Afton.

With all her new toys and books!

I know the cake was pretty pathetic. She loves candy so I just decided to put candy all over it. Cake decorating is not going to be one of my hobbies these next four years. It's so hot and humid that the frosting melts right off immediately! I had to keep putting it in the fridge.

I got ready to help Afton with her 2 candles, but she actually was able to blow them out all by herself.

How old are you? "one, two." We realized we didn't get a family picture so right before bed we took one together.

Birthday squeezes with Dada.

Old San Juan
We went into Old San Juan the next day and explored. Everyone loved it, though it was pretty hot!

The oldest catholic church in PR. I think it was built in the 1500's. That may be way off, but we'll just pretend it's not.

A little boys pet Iguana. He was so good and didn't even flinch when Afton and everyone pet him.

The fountains, finally cooling down.

El Morro fort

And the child of big foot.

The American, Puerto Rican, and Spanish Military flags.

Homes in Old San Juan.

Feeding the pigeons gone bad. It freaked Afton out when a ton of birds started attacking her... I don't blame her.

And afton saying, "A momma." I guess she has human anatomy down.


Feeding the fish

El churry for Dinner

Finally something Logan can come with us to. It was a busy week while my parents were here so he really didn't get to come to much. After the beach we picked him up from school got dinner then we went home and I think he went back to studying again. Poor guy!

Canopy Tour Zipline

We dropped Afton off at the babysitters (Thanks Heather!) and went on a zipline together. No Logan again, but hopefully next time!

Night Swims

Trip to Rincon
We drove out to a town on the other side of the island that has a lot of summer rental houses we wanted to check out.

Pina Coladas

Views from the lighthouse.

Our driver Logan. Yes, he finally was able to come, though he probably shouldn't of! Just tired of being left out, and tired of studying!

Saying goodbye to grandma. He flight left before Afton was getting up the next morning. Poor girl.