Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mission Reunion

In June we met up with some of Logans mission companions for a boating trip in Utah. It's been a while since we have been able to do this and frankly last time didn't end well. We crashed into poor Maretta's car. This time there were no car accidents, no cribbage boards hitting Jamie in the noodle, no slurpie disasters, and no having to call insurance companies and report an accident on your anniversary. :) Thank goodness. It was pure fun... except the whole scum game part. I like the game scum but I suck (probably because the only time I have ever played is at these reunions)and I am the one that always ends up eating the mush (nastiness that someone has concocted).But besides that, we were so sad to leave. We had a great time with everyone.

Driving to Utah we always pass this road. No, we did not name afton after this street. :)

In Vegas we picked up Holliday and went out to eat. The food wasn't very good... it never really is at these cheap casino restaurants but logan still always wants to go for the prime rib. We also picked up Trevor and Jamie in Parowan. We had a full car! It was definitely struggling driving up hills.

Friday went a little like this:


And after:

While there we played wiffle ball and a serious game of soccer. There were minor injuries in both but mostly in the soccer game.



Heidi Allred




Trevor- sorry Jamie, I somehow missed you. :(

We went out to eat one night for Heidi's birthday.

Group photo's

Thanks guys for a great weekend!

Kings Canyon National Park

We decided with just a few more weeks left in Fresno, that we had to atleast have one camping trip this summer. We headed to Kings Canyon National Park for an overnighter. What a wild trip it ended up being! My mom was nice enough to let us borrow her car for the weekend, since the car we had been using had no A/C.

Setting up camp

Tin foil dinner are always soooo good.

Aftons own little stump to sit on.

Cuddling up with dada. It was really rough trying to get her to sleep. She ended up staying up late with us since we didn't want her to bother the rest of the campers with her screaming all night. Then when we took her to bed with us she just laughed and jumped, crawled, and ran all over us for hours. We were about to go crazy.

Favorite thing to eat, blueberries for breakfast.

Alligator and kitty cat were supposed to stay in the tent but I was a pushover that day. Not enough sleep to have the energy to battle with her.

Saturday we went hiking around Kings Canyon and checked out the General Grant.

It was too hot! She had to lose the pants.
It was a fun little camping trip for us and we came back sufficiently dirty!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Things are finally settling down to where I can catch up on my blogging. A lot happened this summer and I really didn't want to leave much out. So here we go.... catch up, catch up, catch up!

Logans grandpa McIntyre and Maxine came to visit for a day. Logan hadn't seen them in a long time and I had never met them, so it was a great chance, even if for just a few hours, to spend time with them.

Afton spent a lot of time gardening with grandma. She loved digging in the dirt.

The preschool that I taught for a couple months came to an end in June. Ashley Dewitt took back over in May when things got to busy for me but I made sure to be there on the graduation day. Aren't these girls so cute. I loved working with them and the silly things that they would say and do.

Kyla turned 12! She's now a young woman and a total sweetheart! Pics from her birthday breakfast:

Just Affy girl eating breakfast. I love how little kids hold their spoons.

I somehow got volunteered to cook 80 pounds of tri-tip for my parents ward Young Women dinner. It was my first time smoking meat and cooking 80 pound of trip-tip at once!! Big job but I did it and was very pleased with myself afterwards. Seriously 80 pounds, who wouldn't be? Here's just a few of the tri-tips hooked and ready to go.

Mikes congratulations and farwell dinner. Mike got into U of U and left to start a summer session!!! As my dad would say, "Go Utes!"... and Go MIKE!!!