Monday, August 23, 2010


Things are finally settling down to where I can catch up on my blogging. A lot happened this summer and I really didn't want to leave much out. So here we go.... catch up, catch up, catch up!

Logans grandpa McIntyre and Maxine came to visit for a day. Logan hadn't seen them in a long time and I had never met them, so it was a great chance, even if for just a few hours, to spend time with them.

Afton spent a lot of time gardening with grandma. She loved digging in the dirt.

The preschool that I taught for a couple months came to an end in June. Ashley Dewitt took back over in May when things got to busy for me but I made sure to be there on the graduation day. Aren't these girls so cute. I loved working with them and the silly things that they would say and do.

Kyla turned 12! She's now a young woman and a total sweetheart! Pics from her birthday breakfast:

Just Affy girl eating breakfast. I love how little kids hold their spoons.

I somehow got volunteered to cook 80 pounds of tri-tip for my parents ward Young Women dinner. It was my first time smoking meat and cooking 80 pound of trip-tip at once!! Big job but I did it and was very pleased with myself afterwards. Seriously 80 pounds, who wouldn't be? Here's just a few of the tri-tips hooked and ready to go.

Mikes congratulations and farwell dinner. Mike got into U of U and left to start a summer session!!! As my dad would say, "Go Utes!"... and Go MIKE!!!