Monday, August 9, 2010


We went to the beach. We decided that Logan probably will started getting very swamped at school so we better get in as many beach days as possible. This time we went to a beach in San Juan. It was beautiful and clean. We liked that there were no waves. Afton loved sitting in the shallow water and picking up, examining and then throwing all the rocks and seashells she could find. She can already tell the difference between seashells and rocks. Am I totally weird for thinking that's pretty amazing for such a little kid to know that. Everyday she blows me away with how much she know's and learns so fast.

This is the view I had from where I laid and read Dickens, Great Expectations. I love reading on the beach but find it hard to do with a kid! I have to say there are a few things that I am really loving about PR beaches. 1- the warmer water... I love getting in and swimming around. In San Diego I usually felt like I was swimming with icecubes! 2- I love, love, that there are palm tree's on every beach. You can literally hook up hammocks anywhere on the beach. I love that you can be at the beach in the shade without an umbrella, away from the burning hot sand. It's so nice to be able to enjoy the sun but escape it when you want to and still be feet away from the water. So nice!! It's pretty great. 3- The water is so clear. Somehow our snorkeling goggles didn't make it into our boxes that we shipped. Our first trip we were able to borrow Jake and Heathers but this time we didn't have any. But don't worry, their in the mail on thier way here. Hopefully we'll be able to snorkel our next beach trip.

Logan and Afton picking through the sand. That must be where she gets it.... like father, like daughter! :)

And of course... I had fresh food to come home to after the beach. we were able to finally get groceries Friday night. It felt so good!!!