Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dada Here

Afton was pretty excited for her "dada" to finally get here. It was a long 3 and a half weeks without him! We're so happy to have him home for the summer to spend time with us before we start round 2 of dental school.

5/4 the night before we left. Logan had to be at school early the next morning so we knew we wouldn't see him the next day. We had to say our goodbye the night before. Giving Afton's "baby alligator" a goodnight kiss.

5/29 Finally back together!

Farmers Market

Every Friday there is a fun little farmers market in Old Town Clovis. I love the farmers market bc they always have a big snow cone stand.... I think I could live on snow cones! Before Logan got here, Afton and I met up with my friends Ashley and Holly and their little girls one friday for a little fun. Afton liked dancing to the music on the sidewalks with cute Charlotte.

Sleeping habits

Lately keeping Afton on the bed has been a little bit of a battle. She never comes out of the room, just climbs done to sleep on the floor in tight spaces. Weird girl.

She's in the green and white checkered dress in this pic.... can you find her?

Sleeping under the chairs in "the storage room". She did this a bunch of times. One night we moved her back into bed 3 times. Each time we had to wake her up because she gets so tight in there that we can't lift her out without her standing up. So weird.

We must be Home!

Dinners went from mac and cheese to this! A sure sign that I'm not the one doing the cooking. We must be home! We're enjoying the good cooking!

Mothers Day

Mothers day this year was spent without Logan. Lucky for him a few people stepped up in his absense and made it a fun weekend. Saturday my mom took my sister and I out to get pedicures. It felt fantastic and was a really needed Mothers Day gift! After pedicures Afton and I met up with the Henderson side of the family. Louise, Logans mom, took the girls in town out to lunch for Mothers Day. We had a lot of fun seeing everyone. All the little girls got to come a long too. Sunday I got up and had a little gift waiting for me on the kitchen table from my dad. See's chocolate caramel patties.... I ate them all within a week.:(... and a giftcard to sephora. I am pretty spoiled!

I didn't end up taking any pics with Afton on Mothers Day but we did take pictures at the Lunch on Saturday.