Thursday, December 31, 2009


Kentucky is beautiful! And even more beautiful because some people we love live there! Logan got to visit his sister Kim and her family for a couple of days in November. Unfortunately I had to work and couldn't go! But hopefully next time!

Wild Boys. They were jumping from the top of the car into the garbage bags full of leaves.

Sunny girl. Isn't she beautiful!

All sorts of fun stuff to do when you have enough room to explore!

Uncle John and Sara

Logans Uncle John and his daughter Sara came into town from the bay area. Everyone met up for lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory, except me. :( I had to work but I'm glad Logan and Afton got to go.


Halloween was so much fun this year. It was fun last year too but this year Afton could be a little more involved!

Carving pumpkins.... I love this tradition!

One of the houses we went to passed out toys instead of candy. Afton blew on this whistle the whole night... she liked it even more than the candy!

My Nephew Mazur and our two neighbors Mika and Ana came with us for a little while.

Me and my cute little skunk. I opted to not dress out on Halloween. We had the night before and I wanted to be warm while we walked around outside in the cold. I know, I'm lame. :) Still blowing on her whistle.

Walking with Aunt Katie. It's fun going trick or treating when you have a bunch of people to go with!

This years carved pumpkins.

And my brother mike in this years costumes.

It was pretty fun putting all that blue paint on his face!

Afton finally walking!

Afton started walking shortly after she turned 12 months. So cute to see her walk but I will miss my little crawling baby!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

12 month check up

What a whirl wind of a weekend! Our health insurance would only allow us to see our doctors in San Diego and Afton needed to get her one year old shots. We ended up having to drive all the way down to San Diego for shots. So lame! We drove down Thursday night, had Afton's doctor appointment Friday morning, had my doctors appointment right after Afton's, then drove right back to Fresno in time for cousin Charlie's costume birthday bash. It was a couple of very long days. But we survived and both of us are healthy and happy.

Weight: 18.14lbs (10th percentile)
Height: 30in. (73rd percentile)
Head: 18in. (65th percentile)

Afton was pretty fussy for this appointment. I'm sure it was from all the driving and sleeping in car seats she had to do.

Not so sure about the Dr.'s cold hands. Her regular doctor was out of town so we saw someone else.

We made it to Charlies birthday party and even had time to go pick out a Star Wars present for him! It was a costume party (since it was the day before halloween). I lived out a childhood dream this year and dressed up as the paper bag princess! My costume took maybe 30 minutes to make and a felt all giddy inside wearing it that night!

This is one of my favorite books. I never tired of reading it when I was little and I still love it just as much today!

Logan was Michael Phelps. He borrowed his awesome costume from Emily Holliday. He hears so much from people that he looks like Michael Phelps so we figured it would be a great costume this year for him.

Looking hot in spandex pants!

And Afton was a cute little skunk. At 12 months her two favorite things were blueberries and her plush skunk(stinky) that she carried all over the place and took everywhere with her. I just didn't have enough time to make her a blueberrie costume so I order this skunk one on ebay for cheap. It definitely simplified our Halloween not having to make a costume!

Pumpkin Patch

What's Autumn without a visit to the pumpkin patch!? We stopped by one but ended up not buying any pumpkins... they're cheaper at the super market and we're lame. So Savemart thank you for your 3 for $10 deal. We did however make sure to go down the super slide while we were there. I think Afton held her breath the whole way down. haha. The things we make her try!

Still not quite 20 pounds!

Climbing through the pumpkins

Grandma took this pic... it was a nice try. :)