Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Showing off our baby bumps. Afton's convinced that she has a baby in her belly too. 19 weeks.

20 Weeks

We make quite the Sunday lounging team.

Park 3/5/11

Lately Logan has been needing to go to school every Saturday to study. We look forward to Saturday afternoons when he comes home and we can go do something. This time we went to the park down the street from our house. Have I mentioned before how bad/poorly planned the roads are here! jk.... I know I have. We decided to drive there since it was later, problem is we've always taken the trail to get there and had the hardest time figuring out how to get there in our car! Even with google maps and GPS we kept running into: freeways, one way streets, roads with big medians that we couldn't cross. We even stopped and asked directions. At one point I wanted to give up and just go home to a park in our complex. But Logan persisted and 40 mins later we made it to the park that is only about 5 mins away. Atleast we know how to drive there from now on.

Traveling Puerto Rico Style

Traffic is awful here 90% of the time. That might be a little bit of an over exaggeration but really it is bad a lot of the time!

School work

I love periodically finding teeth in bottles of bleach all over my house.

Studying for practicals.


Logan doesn't get home some nights until around 7:30-8. On most days he usually takes Afton for a little bike ride or on a quick trip to the park. Just a little way he can spend time with her before she heads to bed.

These are the types of things that they do... Now I know where she gets her crazy ideas from.

And then a little study time for both of them. Like father, like daughter. She loves this little laptop my brother Marc and Jen got her for Christmas.

And she has mastered riding this thing. She cruises on it!

Mar Chiquita Beach

For Valentines day my friend Heather and I took ourselves and our kids to the beach. It's about an hour from our house but a beach we had heard about and really wanted to see. It was beautiful... as I'm sure you'll see. We had a great time. And, a little bonus, it was somewhat close to the outlets in Barceloneta so after the beach we stopped there. We finished off the day with some ICEE's for the drive home. That's my kind of day. Now if only we had money so that I could actually buy stuff at the outlets! :)

That little speck on the left side is us. Not very crowded!

Monday, March 14, 2011


We love our fresh puerto rican pineapple. It's kind of a funny story but when Logan and I were registering for our wedding Logan put a pineapple cutter on the list. I thought it was ridiculous and something we would never ever use and it would just be one of those obnoxious kitchen gadgets that just clutter everything up. Being the brat that I was I even took it off our registery once I got home. Logan found out and it became a funny fued between us. Well David and Debbie Termeer bought us that pineapple cutter for our wedding, they loved to tease me. It became a lesson learned for me. I don't know everything, and what would you know, that pineapple cutter is awesome!!! We use it all the time. Thank goodness for a patient husband and good friends that love a good laugh.

Loves the fresh pineapple juice.

I swear I can't relax for one minute without someone coming in to harass me!

Valentines Party with Friends 2/11/11

The Friday before Valentines day we went to a Valentine party with some of Afton friends here in PR. Afton loved helping make her valentines the night before. She did all the coloring and stickers, and I cut and stapled. Can you tell she's excited!

At the party with mouth stuffed full of candy already. My friend Julia once again planned some really cute games and activities for the kids. They loved it!

She didn't quite get that she was supposed to throw it from a distance. Good enough.

Handing out her valentines. Afton loved giving out her valentines just as much as she loved receiving them.

With her bag full of treats and love notes.

We had the little party at a gated community here that has a little waterpark in it. It was awesome. This whole pool was shallow enough for Afton to touch.

And this splash pad gave me nightmares!!! Maybe because I'm a wife of a dental student, or maybe just because I'm a mom.... but I see sharp corners in area's like this and all I picture are knocked out teeth! One slip in this water and her teeth could be toast!

Only part of the park area.

The zipline that we didn't get to go on. It was out of order at the time.
We are so lucky to have friends here in PR to do fun stuff like this with. We'll be sad when some of them finish school and leave this year!

Childrens Museum 2/1/11

We got back into the swing of things fast here. We headed to a play group that following week at the Childrens Museum. Afton had a blast and was so excited to see her friends again.

drinking the water from the water current table... kinda gross. ha ha

On the way home we picked up some suckers for the Ferry ride. Sugar sure sweetens her up.

Oh I love her dark eyes.

Big Girl Bed

I love Costco. I don't think I would survive living in PR without it. Ok, I probably would but it sure makes living here easier. During our visit to Fresno, Afton decided she no longer wanted to sleep in a crib. I mean huge tantrums over it! So when we got back we had no choice but to get her a bed. Lucky for us, and I mean lucky, Costco had the mattress size we wanted on sale for a 100.00 dollars off, the exact week we got back! Awesome. She now has a big girl bed and does great in it!

Last few days in Fresno

Our last few days in Fresno we tried to fit a lot in.

We took Afton to John Incredible Pizza. She had a blast playing all the games and especially riding the car rollercoaster.

We had to say good bye to Maz early. He and my family headed down to L.A. for Christa's wedding. She sure loves and misses him.
On my mom's day off from work, we took Afton to the Zoo. The only zoo in PR is on the other side of the island... about a 2 hour drive. So it was fun having a zoo that we could go to on a whim and for only a couple of hours.

I was able to complete a lot of projects that I had been wanting to do. I don't have very many holiday decorations so I made a couple while there and put them in my suitcase to bring back.

The day before we left was a wild day. I had a bunch of errands to run and things to drop off at people's houses, a dr.'s appt, labs to get done, visits with people, then all my packing to still do. We took a lot of stuff back so I had a whole lot to pack. We also went out to dinner to my favorite, Cheesecake Factory. With all the packing and running around, I hardly got any sleep. We left early the next morning. It's always hard saying good bye. I felt bad for Afton to go from having a lot of attention to having just me to entertain her. But, we were excited to see Logan. He met us at the Airport with a few balloons for Afton and had treats waiting at the house for us when we got home... he sure knows how to welcome us home.