Monday, March 14, 2011


We love our fresh puerto rican pineapple. It's kind of a funny story but when Logan and I were registering for our wedding Logan put a pineapple cutter on the list. I thought it was ridiculous and something we would never ever use and it would just be one of those obnoxious kitchen gadgets that just clutter everything up. Being the brat that I was I even took it off our registery once I got home. Logan found out and it became a funny fued between us. Well David and Debbie Termeer bought us that pineapple cutter for our wedding, they loved to tease me. It became a lesson learned for me. I don't know everything, and what would you know, that pineapple cutter is awesome!!! We use it all the time. Thank goodness for a patient husband and good friends that love a good laugh.

Loves the fresh pineapple juice.

I swear I can't relax for one minute without someone coming in to harass me!