Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well as I mentioned in my earlier post, I have a new job. I love it. It's definitely one of those jobs that I could always picture myself doing. The company is great, the people are great, and it feels good to know that I'm helping to give sight. My title is Recovery Technician. Basically I've been trained to recover cornea's from tissue donors. It's a very detailed and delicate procedure. I love it. I was so fortunate and blessed to get the job. It's kind of a job you get an interview for by the people you know. They never posted anywhere that there was a job opening, I was just recommended to the company by some people. Sightlife contacted me and told me of the opening and that if I was interested to send them a resume. I was called in for a first interview and then a second one and ultimately given the job. After the first interview I found out the qualifications of an individual that I was competing with for the job and I thought "yah there's no way I'm going to get it." Imagine my surprise when I got the call, "congratulations we picked you." My response,"really?" I was told I got the job and left for training in Seattle that same week. It all happened really fast! Seattle was great and beautiful. If it wasn't so dark, dreary, and wet most of the time, I might consider living there! I think the overcast weather might get to me after about a week!

Training was for a week. They put me up in this 5 star hotel. It was a nice place to come home to after a 10-12 hour day.... but still not as nice as my real home. After a couple of days I was ready to come home and see my baby and husband. I missed them both a lot.

I got home the day before Valentines day. Just in time! And let me tell you, it was my best Valentines ever. ( I think I say that every year.) But really it was. I was greeted at the airport by a banner, husband and baby with signs, flowers, and balloons. I think they missed me. Afton didn't want me to put her down and cried the whole way home because she had to sit in her carseat and not be held by me. Other than that, she actually did great the whole week I was gone. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to everyone that helped Logan out. He couldn't have survived that week without it!! I'm so happy to be home and to have a place to come home to with 2 people that miss and love me! :)

At the airport saying goodbye to my two loves. I was excited to go and learn but sad to leave these two.

I arrived at my hotel Sunday night around 9:30. It was a very nice and comfortable room. I loved the king size bed!

I wish Logan could have been there to use the other robe!

In the morning I walked down stairs to the Whole Foods (it was under the hotel) and got breakfast. I was wondering where exactly in downtown seattle I was then I turned and saw this out the window. Hmmm... I'm guessing somewhere close to the space needle.

I was busy busy busy. My first day I got off at 5:30 but still had to go home and do a ton of reading.

Me doing my homework! And that was all the pictures that I took in Seattle. Pretty pathetic! I did find a little time to see some sights. I went to pikes place, the space needle and the best REI ever! But I didn't have a whole lot of time and I did alot of my exploring during lunch breaks so I just didn't worry about taking my camera with me.

Getting home I was greeted by this!

Afton was mad because Logan was trying to get her to wear this valentine sign around her neck. haha. She has a mind of her own!

Kiss and make up. She forgave him. Logan made that banner all by himself! I was very very impressed!

Me and my girl. She saw I had gum, was trying to grab it and laughing.

An Early Valentines day present. Saturday night I got a Me-n-Eds heart pizza for Logan to take to work for his lunch break. I could have just got him this and he would have been very happy with valentines day. We love Me-n-eds!

Setting up the night before. I got all of Afton and Logan's things before I left. I'm really glad I did that!

Then when I woke upSunady morning the table had changed considerably! Logan had plenty of time while I was gone to plan and shop to make Valentines Day this year BIG!

He put rose petals and kisses from our bedroom door and afton's bedroom door all the way to the table.

He knows how much I love stuffed animals. j/k After seeing everything he asked me "Do you like your stuffed animal?" He thought it was pretty funny to tease me with that!

She was pretty excited about her broom that dad bought her. She loves sweeping with him outside.

It didn't take her long to find the chocolate kisses. She had three for breakfast and was pretty bad for church after that!

Sunday was also Mom's birthday! We made her and cheesecake and had dinner together that night.

It was a great Valentines day. Best part was being able to come home.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ella Bella's baptism

Ella Christensen turned 8 and was baptised last week. This is the only picture we got of the event. It was a long day for us and the last day before I left for Seattle to train for my new job(yes I got a new job). We were glad we could make it to her special event and take a break from our hectic lives to celebrate baptism and everything it offers to us. What a special day for her. (Shout out to Summer who was also baptised in December but of course we could not go since they live in Kentucky!)

If the bow fits wear it...

or scream and throw yourself on the ground and act like its the end of the world. How dare mom try and get me to put a cute bow on my bald head. :) Yah, she hates bows.

Tutu birthday party

Charlotte George turned 2 on 2/2. What a perfect day to throw a tutu party. Afton did not have a tutu and everyone was supposed to wear one. We found one at the store but I didn't really like the pastel colors and how frilly they were. I decided to just wing it and make one. Making her tutu literally cost me $1.50 and took 30 minutes. I love the way it turned out and how fun and colorful it is. You know me, I like it bright!

Singing happy birthday

spagetti face

Of course she found a little kitty cat to carry around and of course I would have a daughter who loves loves loves stuffed animals and I hate them. :) Whatever makes her happy.

sweet face

Cousin Avery was there and trying to avoid my camera. I had to sneak pictures of her!

I love her sassy looks

Some times this just fits her

But most of the time not. We love our little devil.

15 months

... and totally full of it.


On Logans day off we decided to run to the park and play a little tennis. We only got in about 30 minutes before Afton was ready for us to give her some attention. She loved the slides and climbing up all the stairs. I wish we had a play structure and swings in our backyard for her.

Should've stayed in Fresno

I had to fit in one more visit before Hill left for SLC. She was sure they would be in Fresno for atleast 6 weeks.... more like 1. Thanks for getting my hopes up Hill! :) j/k

Driving over to play with Jojo

.. And chewing on her shoe?! I swear she's half puppy.

Cute blue eyed jojo

Afton kept trying to steal her puppy. She's crazy about stuffed animals.

I love these girls. :)

It's not very often that we can all get together, but when we do it's a blast. As I was leaving to meet up with everyone at 6 for dinner I told logan I would be home before he left for work at 9:40. He didn't believe me and he was right. I love these girls and spending time with them. I would say our group has had a pretty rough year but things are looking up. :) It's always easier to weather some storms when you have friends that love you.