Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Padres!

We made it out to our first Padres game of the season. Each year we love them more and more! Probably because we can actually afford to go to their games, unlike Charger games. They have this deal that is 12 dollars a ticket and that includes a soda and a hotdog...and we all know you have to eat a hotdog when you go to baseball games even if it does make you feel nauseous afterwards. Now, if only those 12 bucks would include a parking pass! We always park like a mile away and walk in. So we went and...... WE WON! Of course we weren't there to see them win or the fireworks show that followed the game but WE WON. They went into extra innings and Afton kept waking up when someone would scream right by her face and started getting really fussy... and it was starting to get very windy up in the aerial view seating so around 11:00 we threw in the towel. Maybe next time! I just hope next time there isn't a huge crowd of lame UCSD students sitting in front of us not watching the game.... just there to: wear clothes that made me cold just looking at them, walk around the whole time and block your view by constantly standing on the stairs or infront of thier seats talking, blow kisses and yell I love you to each other a million times... they were kind of annoying. Quite possibly they were freshmen. :)

I don't understand why babies insist that you stand up and hold them rather than sitting down... Does it really make that big of a difference?!

We were all supposed to be looking at the camera but Afton was distracted and Logan looked away to see the Padres pitcher pick the guy off on first and I missed it because I was looking at the camera to take this silly pic.

Yep... we were that high up! :)

playing around after the game when she really should be sleeping.


We have officially Hi-yahed cowles mountain in the face! That's right, on our 5th attempt we have conquered the beast and made it to the top. Yah, we're awesome like that. So if your from San Diego your probably reading this and laughing because you know that hiking Cowles Mountain really isn't that big of a deal.... people do it all the time. But for some reason it was for us... especially with a baby. :) We had a lot of fun hiking it on all of our attempts, well, maybe not the first time. Hopefully it won't be long before we attempt it again.

Doing our best karate moves.

I look ridiculous in this pic!haha. I was attempting a kung fu kick but lost my balance and put my foot down right as the camera took the pic... Apparently I need to work on my balance.

Cutest people I know!

And she fell asleep on the hike down. All that looking around really wore her out.

6 month check up

Weight: 14 lbs 14 oz. (35th)
Height: 25 1/4 inches (40th)
Head: 17 inches (70th)

Well we've moved down in the percentages this month. Afton's apparently a little petite with a big noodle. :) She's a healthy baby and we're very happy about that. I was worried about the shots this time since she is becoming more aware of whats going on but she handled them like a champ... we'll see about next time when she's 9 months!

Getting the shots ready

She's had a little problem with constipation so the doctors been having us give her apple juice and it's worked pretty good.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Because

Here are some recent pics of Afton at 6 months old. I was going to e-mail them to my parents but them decided "why not share them with the world?" I love this new stage she's in. She loves exploring, playing with her toes, laughing, moving around,and being silly.

We're establishing bad habits at a very early age.... Afton watching t.v. (baby einstein)

She really doesn't need toys... just paper and she's happy.

She insists on holding the spoon. Feeding time gets very messy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This guy's...

Going on a mission! Manchester, New Hampshire here he comes!(July 8th) We're really proud of him and his decision to serve the Lord for two years! Now he just needs to get rid of his TB! (for you that didn't hear... John's last thing to do before turning in his papers was get a Tb test. He did and it came back positive! What the?! He sometime recently came in contact with someone with the tuberculosis disease and got the germ from them so he has to go on intense antibiotics for 6-9months and have liver testing every 2 months. Crazy right!? Atleast it hadn't turned into the full on disease yet! No worries... your safe around him now and he can still go on his mission right away but has to go stateside(for the medicine and liver testing) and had to start his antibiotics before his papers were submitted. He was worried he'd have to wait... he just wants to get out there and serve! I've never seen someone so excited to go for the right reasons! He's awesome... just thought everyone should know! Go get'em tiger! :)

Grateful for...

A husband who will willingly decorate cupcakes with me.

Honorable mentions... Swirls (logan made that one) Cotton candy on top (my design) and Mr.Candy Face (logans creation).

And take me on a date to see Fast and Furious 4.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Leo Carrillo Trip 2009

Leo Carrillo is Awesome! Best place ever... well almost. I think this was like our 11th year going... except that we had to cancel the trip last year. Anyway, it has become a great Green/Termeer Family tradition. And, I wouldn't want to leave out the people that introduced us to the place years ago, the Bennet's. It always fun knowing we'll see them there also. So this was a fun and eventful year... every year is! Like the year it rained everyday. Or the year we saw three boys climb out of thick bushes and run across the highway barefoot about 3 miles from camp and realized it was mike, matt and gabe. Or the year Logan got a parking ticket but the cop wrote down the wrong vin number... that was a good year! :) Or the year I fell in the water while climbing on rocks and had to walk back to camp in my underwear because jeans+water+sand= really bad chaffing. Or the year John was like 15 and fell out of the tree and broke a bone. Or all the years we took Walter (this was his first yearnot coming...tear) So that list could go on forever of all the fun we have had at leo carrillo. On the first day my nephew Mazur almost fell in the fire. Luckily just his leg hit the pit... it was a pretty narly burn that we had to clean and re-dress everyday. But besides that no serious injuries this year! The weather was perfect the whole week! We got so lucky. This year there were three babies under 6 months. Afton did great and loved, loved, loved, being outside all day. We had such a great time that I can hardly wait for our annual Family Camp at Shaver Lake coming up in July!

One of Logans favorite movies is The Fast and the Furious... he realizes that it's pretty cheezy but still loves it. In the first movie Dom and Brian stop to eat at Neptunes Net which happens to be close to where we camp so on our first day after setting up camp we drove over and ate there for Logan. He was so excited and said it was everything he had hoped it would be. haha

Dad and Afton taking a nap.

Shout out to Suzy for lending me this bunting for the week. It was perfect for camping!

Cousin Mindy at the beach. As we were sitting at the beach they started setting up chairs for a wedding.

Aunt Becky and Mom

Ashlee was our designated "puter to sleeper". It was a little hard getting Afton to take naps at the beach but Ashlee always seemed to have no problem.

Flying kites with Mom and Dad. I don't really like flying kites... to boring. It's fun getting it up in the air and then it's like "what do we do now... just sit and watch it float up there?" Anyway, Logan loves it so we flew one while he was there.

Afton just liked chewing on it.

Lunch time

Mike was just a little to tall for his tent... he's taking a nap in the pic.

Aiden with the three wheeler that caused a lot of fights among the little kids!

Bath time... I'll be honest, I only gave one bath the whole time we were there. We're camping!

Gettting ready for dinner

Brooklyn and Afton. Brooklyns 3 weeks younger than Afton.

With Grandma at the beach

Mazur with his burn't leg bandaged.

Finally napping!

It rained for a few hours one of the days in the afternoon. It was perfect because it was after the beach day was over and we were getting ready for dinner. Of course out of all the tents ours, meaning mine and Aftons tent was the only one that leaked water in and got our sleeping bags wet.... not biggie... my mom always has extra sleeping bags.

Real camping! j/k the kids watching a dvd to stay out of the rain.

Getting ready for the Easter egg hunt. Logan and Sharon took the kids on a hike/walk while while the other adults hid the easter eggs. We did the hunt on Thursday before easter since we we're all leaving on Friday.

With their Easter baskets

And this is what Afton was doing during her first Easter Egg hunt... it's not like she would have had any idea what was going on anyway!

Now this is a little game called... Find the easter egg/s in the Picture.

Finally woke up from her nap and very happy. Dad found eggs for her.... so mom and dad could eat her candy!

Showing off my WHITE legs

Ash doing her job putting the baby to sleep

Cute little Reagen!

We skipped rice cereal and decided to just start feeding her the real stuff. She loves it and eats more than one jar at a sitting.

The three babies. Jacob, Brooklyn (tia), and Afton. Yes Jacob is 5 months old... just a very very big boy!

Mariah playing Peek-a-boo with Afton

We had a little Birthday party for Maz since his birthday was on the following Monday after we left.

And we found a baby rattlesnake in our camp. Logan didn't want to get close enough to get a good pic.... understandable!

Sharon and Peanut surprised us and made it for a couple of days.... it wouldn't be the same without them!