Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Because

Here are some recent pics of Afton at 6 months old. I was going to e-mail them to my parents but them decided "why not share them with the world?" I love this new stage she's in. She loves exploring, playing with her toes, laughing, moving around,and being silly.

We're establishing bad habits at a very early age.... Afton watching t.v. (baby einstein)

She really doesn't need toys... just paper and she's happy.

She insists on holding the spoon. Feeding time gets very messy.


Haley Bessinger said...

How sweet! I love Afton's little outfits. It is funny just how Heidi they are. It's great to see your fashion rubbing off onto your kid.

Rob and Bri said...

hey don't worry we let anisten watch baby einsteins when she was little too and she learned a lot from it. Afton is a cutie!


Oh I just can't wait to meet her because she is still sooooo beautiful. Do people stop you all the time in public places to tell you how gorgeous she is!!!??

kate said...

omigoodness she is SO cute!