Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Padres!

We made it out to our first Padres game of the season. Each year we love them more and more! Probably because we can actually afford to go to their games, unlike Charger games. They have this deal that is 12 dollars a ticket and that includes a soda and a hotdog...and we all know you have to eat a hotdog when you go to baseball games even if it does make you feel nauseous afterwards. Now, if only those 12 bucks would include a parking pass! We always park like a mile away and walk in. So we went and...... WE WON! Of course we weren't there to see them win or the fireworks show that followed the game but WE WON. They went into extra innings and Afton kept waking up when someone would scream right by her face and started getting really fussy... and it was starting to get very windy up in the aerial view seating so around 11:00 we threw in the towel. Maybe next time! I just hope next time there isn't a huge crowd of lame UCSD students sitting in front of us not watching the game.... just there to: wear clothes that made me cold just looking at them, walk around the whole time and block your view by constantly standing on the stairs or infront of thier seats talking, blow kisses and yell I love you to each other a million times... they were kind of annoying. Quite possibly they were freshmen. :)

I don't understand why babies insist that you stand up and hold them rather than sitting down... Does it really make that big of a difference?!

We were all supposed to be looking at the camera but Afton was distracted and Logan looked away to see the Padres pitcher pick the guy off on first and I missed it because I was looking at the camera to take this silly pic.

Yep... we were that high up! :)

playing around after the game when she really should be sleeping.


Trevor and Jamie said...

Very cool, I love baseball and wish I lived in a city with a team. Looked like a blast. Go Bo-sox!

CuriousGeorges said...

Seriously...they insist we stand! Kevin always says it's a higher elevations and altitude makes a difference. Crazy babies!