Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Ward Party Was Off the Hook! :)

Seriously it was great. The activities commitee in our ward did a great job... almost as good as the christmas party in our first ward where our bishop surprised everybody and rocked out (played a rock version of a christmas tune on the drums) in a band with some youth from the ward... that was awesome too! So yah it was up there on our list of good ward parties. The theme was decades from the past (or something like that). Everyone dressed up in outfits from there favorite decade. My favorite outift was this elderly lady who put on a flapper dress... I totally voted for her in the costume contest and she won. Logan voted for this somewhat older guy who wore a hippie outfit.... I could definitely imagine him being a hippie. There was also dancing and a lipsync. I was very surprised at how many people/groups participated in the lipsync.... even the Mormon Tabernacle Choir showed up... well a fake one atleast. We laughed so hard at the silly performances people put on. And the dancing was great because it wasn't the awkward everyone standing around watching a few people dance... they actually taught really quick easy dances ( the hustle, the electric slide, swing etc.) so that people could all do the same dance together. I definitely did my fair share of dancing.... which resulted in a picture of me dancing being posted on the board at church the following sunday... not what I was hoping for. I didn't take pictures but they had a picture booth so we managed to escape this fun event with one picture together.