Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mothers Day?!

Somewhere inbetween all the fun we had these last few weeks we had mothers day. We managed to not get an pictures nor did we do really anything exciting. Logan had to work and we had some friends in town that weekend so no big plans were made which actually ended up being nice. We just relaxed and went to church. I also didn't get any pictures from our weekend with the Allreds, Hollidays and Mattsons so I had to steal these from Jamie and Trevors blog.

Ryan, Heidi, Trevor, Jamie, and Kendra all came in town for the weekend. It was a lot of fun. We had one big sleep over the whole weekend. Everyone stayed at the Holidays since they have a great house big enough to fit everyone. Friday night we had a bonfire on the beach... or as Allred put it a bum fire. Apparently we didn't get enough wood to make the fire very big or to have it last very long. Then, we went home, logan finally got off work and came over and the boys like usual stayed up until 4 a.m. playing guitar hero then got up at 6 a.m. to go wakeboarding. Sadly everyone went but me (and Emily b/c she had to work)... We didn't have a baby lifejacket for Afton and it's really really cold and wet (and miserable for a tired baby) on the bay in the morning so I went home and both Afton and I went back to bed. It was really nice to get the extra bit of sleep. Saturday we BBQ-ed went to the beach and just kicked it together at the house. Then Sunday (aka mothers day) everyone headed home(back to Utah) and we hurried to try and make it to Sacrament on time and listened to Emily give a talk. It was a fun weekend with some of our favorite people. :)


Rob and Bri said...

Glad you guys had fun. we miss you!