Monday, October 19, 2009

A Real Cowboy

My uncle Johnny came into town to rope for the weekend. It was a very hot day but we roughed the heat and went to watch him. I've always loved going to his roping competitions and the rodeo's he was in. It's amazing that he's 60 and still roping better than most the young guys out there. He ended up getting 3rd out of 300 ropers. He's a real cowboy, a roper, a horse trainer, and one tough old guy. :)

First week in Fresno

We survived our first week in Fresno!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A new first

First time feeling the rain... so cute. :)

Last Week in SD

Well I got a job in Fresno and had to start work the following week. I had three days left in San Diego and wound up feeling like I just did not have enough time to do everything for the last time. Not enough time to see everyone I knew I would miss, not enough time to go to the beach for the last time this summer, not enough time to pack things up.... just not enough time. We did however find enough time to make a last trip to Phil's with Kris and Emily. We spent the rest of the night wrestling with Afton. :)

10 months

On August 11th Afton girl turned 10 months old! We had swim lessons that day and had a couple of other things going on so I completely forgot until late at night. I snapped just a few pics of her before getting ready for remember our little girl at 10 months old.

Friday, October 16, 2009


If you've read our other posts you will know what that means! :) We made another one at the beginning of August. It was a fun little trip. We went to a grizzlies game and had a whole weekend to hang out with family and friends.

I went into the cage to try and catch a chicken for Afton and one flew straight into the fence where Afton was at and startled her. She cried a little so we spent a lot of time checking out the chickens so that she knew they weren't scary. Here dad caught one for her to get a close look at.

At the grizzlies game sitting with cousin Kyla.

The whole crew, minus Logan who was taking the picture.

Ella, Charlie and Robbie went to the soak zone. Robbie was a good sport about it!

The sneaky little girl

You know somethings up when things get quiet. I was sitting at the computer desk checking my e-mail for the day while Afton played with the tupperware in the kitchen. She was making all sorts of noise then things got quiet... I knew something was up. Sure enough she had found a bag of chocolate chips. I laughed so hard when I turned the corner because she quickly started shoving as many in her mouth as she could knowing I was going to take them away. The little sneaky thing!

Swim lessons

This summer in San Diego a friend, Suzy Nelson, and I team taught swim lessons. I'm so sad that I did not get more pictures! We taught a baby class together and then split up for the second half of the hour and taught 2 levels of 2-5 year olds. I loved it. It was so rewarding on the last day to see how much all the kids had improved from the beginning of the summer. They were such sweet kids! I also loved spending time with the parents and getting closer to some of the other moms in the ward. Here's a picture of some of the baby swim class participants.

By the end of the summer all of the babys loved the water and being dunked. They could blow bubbles and jump in. They could kick their legs and would relax in the water on their backs. They could scoop their hands in the water to move their bodies forward! It was so exciting to see the difference from the first day were a lot of them cried. :)

Have you missed us?

It's been a long time since we've posted. We've been up to a lot and had a lot of changes going on. We are in the process of moving back to Fresno. Logan is finishing up his last week of work in San Diego and I've been a single working mom while he's been down there. I got a job working for Clovis Unified with the Autism program. I love my job but miss my little Afton girl while I'm working. Though she doesn't seem to miss me as much as I miss her. Logan has been able to come up off and on and has been Mr. Mom while he's here. She loves spending time with her daddy. We're behind on a lot of posts because after I get home from work everyday, play, feed, bath,and nurse Afton, I am exhausted. But I am determined to catch up.... so be checking up. :)

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