Sunday, June 29, 2008

...and the Padres lose again! :(

We went to the Padres game tonight. A friend of ours had some extra tickets so he invited us along. We had a lot of fun... except for the fact that they lost.:( But we still love them! Tonight they gave out free jerseys to everyone that came in... Logan was so excited. He likes anything that's free!

The view from Petco Park is amazing!

Hot dogs, hot dogs, get your hot dogs. Logans going love finding out that I took this picture of him!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Logan had a school conference in Las Vegas last weekend so I decided to ditch my friday class and have a little summer fun. Logan was pretty much in class all day but I still had lots of fun hanging out by the pool and hitting the outlets while he was gone. I was also able to sleep in everyday. It had been a really long time since I have been able to sleep in. I took full advantage of that and stayed in bed till 9:00!! It was sooooo nice!!! Luckily Logan was done everyday by 5 which gave us plenty of time to hit the town at night. We ended up getting a great deal on a hotel room and because we booked the reservations through orbitz we got a 50 dolar gas card! Not bad! We had a great time even when on the drive home we were stuck in traffic for a couple of hours due to an accident. The traffic and wait just gave us plenty of time to play catch phrase and other word games. It did get really hot in the car. Of course I was in the seat that was completely in the sun so I ended up moving to the backseat out of the sun until we got moving again. I wish we had a little more time to take small breaks out of town! :)

Mount Rushmores newest edition!

Hanging out by the pool after getting to our hotel one night.

The little baby belly

They really do exist!

Yep! It was that hot outside!

Maybe the driver in the car accident was driving like this!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

22 weeks and looking a little more plump! :)

So here's the newest picture of the baby belly. I've noticed that how far it sticks out really fluctuates. Like today.. I had a huge dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken, green beans, martinelli's apple cider, caramel brownies and seconds of all the just mentioned items. After dinner it was definitely sticking out further than in this picture!It was more like this picture.....

It's been alot of fun having a family with so many boys in it. Here are some of thier remarks regarding my pregnancy....I overheard Logan talking to his buddy Trevor on the phone today and this is what he said, "oh yah she's definitely showing now... she kind of just like exploded this week." Good choice of words Logan... Exploded! haha. Or when my brother Michael told Logan a couple of weeks ago "well she's not showing in her stomach but her hips have definitely gotten bigger." Or the text message from my brother Marc to Logan asking, "So is she fat yet?" Haha. The things guys say make this whole process a little funnier.

Day at the Beach

On our free time we like to make quick trips to the beach to hang out and relax. This last Friday Logan didn't have to work so we went to the beach for a couple of hours... it really wasn't a good day to spend at the beach. Right when we got there the marine layer came in and covered up the sun. The coastal wind got cold fast. Logan loves getting in the water with the body board and fins but he totally woused out this day. Lifeguarding has kind of ruined my enjoyment of cold water. I was wet everyday all day for so long and constantly swimming in the winter and freezing all the time that I really don't like it anymore. I love to swim... just not the cold water. So I didn't get in. Hopefully next time we go the sun will stay out a little longer.

Logans trying to kill me...

So Logan and I have been going on a lot of walks lately. I like walking up and down this half mile hill down the street from our house. It's steep enough to get my heart rate up but not to steep that it kills me. I've also been walking alot more than running. When I run the baby bounces up and down on my bladder and makes me have to go to the bathroom right away... yah, it's not comfortable! So we decided to go on a walk and started of thinking which canyon or trail around our house we should go on. Somehow Logans ideas veered from the plan of a simple walk to us climbing up the highest peak mountain in San Diego. I didn't think it was a good idea but decided to give it a try.... it didn't go very well. We got half way up the mountain and I was dying! I felt like I could make it but was definitely not having fun doing it! We live in Clairemont which is pretty close to the beach so we get the great coastal cool weather and breeze at our house. In Clairemont the weather has been nice and cool so far this summer, literally in the 70's. The mountain Logan wanted to climb was in East county... in the desert! It was in the 90's.... I wasn't well acclimated for that weather which makes me worry about coming to visit fresno this summer. The heat kicked my butt and there was no shade anywhere on the hike. My hands got so swollen to the point that I couldn't get my ring off. I was worried about drinking to much water since I already have to go to the bathroom all the time and there are no bathrooms on the hike. I've been continuing to exercise but nothing prepared me for this steep hike and heat. Logan has very big aspirations for what I can do at 22 weeks pregnant.... I think he's trying to kill me.

This was the easy beginning part of the mountain... can you feel the heat!

At the bottom of the hike... My face is so red! I was so HOT!!

Taking a little break, sitting on a rock cooking.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Logan, Logan..what are we going to do with him! :)

So Logan decided to cut his hair. I saw him go outside with the trimmer and when he came back in I hardly recognized him. I asked him what he had done to his hair. He first tried to say that he was trimming his neck and his cutter slipped to far up so he had to buzz the whole thing... I didn't believe that. He's not a very good liar... probably because he was smiling while telling me the story. Finally he said it was his "summer buzz". I hope it grows out fast! j/k He loves it and I'm excited for it to grow back out! :) He claims that people give him compliments on his hair all the time... I think he's telling fibs again. haha I also caught him today in one of his usual outfits and decided to start taking pictures of his great matching abilities. The other day we were going somewhere and he came out of the bedroom wearing brown and yellow plaid shorts with a blue and green plaid button up shirt. He had no idea that is outfit clashed REALLY REALLY bad. I didn't say a word. I figured if he felt comfortable and confident in what he was wearing, then he might as well just wear it. So here is a picture of another one of his great match days... he's wearing navy blue shorts with hot pink stiching, brown and red socks, a yellow shirt, and tennis shoes. Best part is he had no idea that the reason I was taking his picture was because of his outfit. Though, before my family reads this post and calls me to tell me I'm a hypocrite, I have to admit that I have some matching problems of my own. I just love having fun with Logan and teasing him. He's perfect just the way he is... with his funky outfits and "summer buzz". ;)

19 weeks and a lot of growing to do!

Here's the update people have been asking for... I know it's not very impressive but I have a feeling that in the next couple of weeks I'm going to quadruple in size! Logan took this picture today while we were BBQ-ing some teriyaki kabobs. He made sure to take a picture of himself with the kabobs... wouldn't want to forget the kabobs!

We had fun on our relaxed sunday in the beautiful San Diego weather. We made sure to end our meal with one of Logans homemade chocolate milkshakes...It was so delicious. But there was only enough icecream left to make one cup... so we had to share. I've been having a hard time lately sharing food with Logan. We went to Denny's the other night after Logan got home from work (about 12:30 a.m.) and I ordered a chocolate milkshake. I drank the whole glass and refilled it and started to finish off the second half when I noticed Logans face. His eyes were big so I asked him what was up. He said "I just thought you were going to share and give me the second half of your milkshake like always". I laughed and passed it over to him though letting go of that milkshake was really really hard for me! I had to reach deep within me and muster up the courage to let go and not keep the whole thing for myself. So yah, sharing my food has been really hard for me. Logan on the other hand has been really good at sharing with me even though that sometimes means just giving me his food. What a trooper! :)

Logans Graduation

Logans graduation was a little on the boring side, and a lot longer. I guess gradutions are never really fun! His gradution included everyone from the college of Sciences instead of just his psychology department. The name calling alone took a little over an hour and a half... but it was well worth it to hear them call out his name! We are so proud of him! His graduation was held inside the Cox arena. The weather was a lot nicer that day so we were able to go outside and take our time taking pictures in the sun. It felt great to not be in a hurry to get to the car and get dry! :)

Heidi's Graduation

What an eventfulday! It barely ever rains in San Diego but for some reason it decided to pour the day of my graduation. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal except my graduation was held outside. They couldn't move it somewhere else so the show went on... and it was a show. I got soaking wet as well as the people that came to watch and support me. In the graduation handout they gave us weeks before, it had asked that we not bring umbrellas... It was one of those time I shouldn't have obeyed. By the time the ceremony was over, every article of clothing I was wearing was drenched... and I was wearing a couple of layers. My family and friends that came were also soaked. It was a very exciting and eventful graduation; one that we are sure to never forget!