Sunday, June 29, 2008

...and the Padres lose again! :(

We went to the Padres game tonight. A friend of ours had some extra tickets so he invited us along. We had a lot of fun... except for the fact that they lost.:( But we still love them! Tonight they gave out free jerseys to everyone that came in... Logan was so excited. He likes anything that's free!

The view from Petco Park is amazing!

Hot dogs, hot dogs, get your hot dogs. Logans going love finding out that I took this picture of him!


Robby and Katie said...

Sorry they lost! Looks like you guys had fun though. But do I see Logan in a jacket and sweater at a baseball game in June? You guys need to come to a Grizzlies game when you come to Fresno. There is nothing like back of the knee sweat from the plastic chairs in the heat! And you can even get an ice cream sundae in a mini baseball hat, like we used to get from Baskin Robbins. Love ya guys!