Monday, November 15, 2010


Oh I love your sassy faces... most of the time.

And I like your silly faces.

But most of all I like your happy faces.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

General Conference

We saw Priesthood session as a great chance for the girls to get together for some good food and talking.... without the men.
The kids had a great time destroying the house. But atleast they were happy. Priesthood session here didn't get out until 10:00 p.m. so it was a late night for these kids. Things got a little hyper!

Willy's Pinchos

Another friday night eating out with friends... at a bar? Alot of the places we've been only offer one food item and a million different kinds of alcohol. Lots of loud music and lots of fun. We've enjoyed our cheap friday dinners with friends.


We picked Logan up from school on our way there. Hence the scrubs with his name on them. It has been so nice that he wears scrubs to school everyday! No worry about what to wear or making sure you didn't already wear that outfit that week. So easy!


At almost two years old, Afton got her first Burger King crown and rode for the first time on a merry-go-round. She loved both of them. We had a good day together while dad was at school.

Postal Services

Thank you for taking such great care of our packages. We love crossing our fingers everytime we open them.

Sincerely, Heidi

Ok, not all our packages have arrived like this, but a good number of them have definitely been bashed up.


What is it about Vaseline that this girl loves so much?! I've finally just moved it out of the bathroom and into a hidden spot so she can't get into it. We've had lots of vaseline messes to clean up!

I knew something was up when it was quiet!

Parque central

As I mentioned in a post before, we have a big park at the end of a trail by our house. On a saturday morning we jogged there and played for a little bit.

I wish so badly that this fountain was working! I can just picture her running through the water and having a good time. But it's broken and looks like it hasn't been running for a long time.
Which bring me to my next thought, shouldn't this still be running? It's not that old!

Cute Iguana we saw on the walk back.

Aftons bedroom

I didn't get a before picture of Afton's room but it looked a little something like this. Rusty terracota orange and yellow. Not bad but not cute for a little girls room.

I painted it a light tealish color and then put up a few things: Afton's birth announcement, pictures at the hospital, her one year old pic, and an almost 2 pic. The frames I got on clearance at K-mart and Sears for $2.50-3.00. Some I painted.

We were given this bookshelf from members in our ward that were leaving. The top was water stained and chipped so I made a little cover for it. I don't like it a whole lot. I guess it ended up being just a little to busy, but it looks better than it did before! Luckily it didn't cost a thing, I just used some left over fabric from her banner and crib bedding that I made before she was born. Aunt Ashlee sent Afton her little piggy that she loves!

I painted some clothespins and used some string to hang up Aftons papers, pictures and art.
This banner I made. Fabric here is so cheap but it's hard finding stuff you want or like. I don't think I've paid more than $3.00 a yard. And occasionally you'll find great designer stuff for that price.

And that is Afton's room so far. It was fun decorating it since it was the first time I have been able to. She shared our room for the first little while then was moved out into the living room. ha ha. Pretty pathetic but a one bedroom in San Diego is about all we could afford! Then when we moved to fresno we didn't know how long we would be there so we didn't bother decorating her room. So finally she has something more than white walls and a bed... not that, that isn't ok too. ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

El Churry

Occasionally on Friday night we go out to eat with some friends to cheap and good puerto rican places. El churry was our first stop, a sandwich restuarant out of a trailer. It was sooo good and was actually featured on the travel channel.

Showing me her bite. ha ha

it's impossible to not get messy while eating these!

Give Her a Break

It wasn't me that gave her this chocolate bar! Obviously she really enjoyed it.


Well it was a very exciting birthday for me. We had some plans but that all flew out the window when the transmission in our car broke a few days before my birthday (that is another crazy story!). It was going to be atleast a week to fix it and 1,500 dollars. A very expensive birthday present! So we decided to find things and places that we could walk to. Our first day we walked to the train by our house and rode it to a mall in Bayamon. Logan had found a Baskin Robbins by there and thought we could go to get my favorite ice cream Wild & Reckless. We got there and they had 31 barrels of icecream, but really only like 10 flavors. ha ha. So, they didn't have my favorite icecream. But they did have icecream and that was good enough.

Sunday was my actual birthday and we borrowed our friends car and went to some friends (the Boss') house for dinner. We have such a great time with them!

Then on Monday Logan had the day off from school (Labor Day) so we took the ferry out to Old San Juan for dinner and to explore some more.

Regardless of having to walk everywhere... I had a great birthday with my fam. So here's to being 26!

Cerro Gordo

Our (english) ward covers the whole island of PR. So as you can imagine the members are pretty spread out. We met up with some friends at Cerro Gorde beach, which is close to where a lot of our ward members live but quite a drive from us. But it's totally worth the drive and it seems like everytime we go to this beach we run into someone we know. Always a good time with friends.

We had no idea there was a wave coming up behind us... thanks Logan for the warning. ha ha Me, Julia, and Sarah.

White Coat Ceremony- 8/27/2010

In August we attended Logans White Coat Ceremony. We took Afton to our neighbors house and went without her. It was a nice break and a nice evening together without our little girl. I had a great time watching Logan and couldn't help but think of how grateful I am that he got in. It is so hard to get in and I know we had help. A huge blessing. Recently Logan was talking with some people and was told that about 600 "gringos" applied last year. They only let in two. Those are pretty steep odds. So, though living in Puerto Rico at times hasn't been the easiest thing, we're happy to be here. So happy to have been sitting in that seat watching as he recieved his white coat.... even if it was all in Spanish and I understood very little of it. ;)After the ceremony they had a catered Puerto Rican meal. It was pretty good. There was only one thing that I was not a fan of... Plantains wrapped around ground beef and onion. Not my thing, but liked the rest!