Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well it was a very exciting birthday for me. We had some plans but that all flew out the window when the transmission in our car broke a few days before my birthday (that is another crazy story!). It was going to be atleast a week to fix it and 1,500 dollars. A very expensive birthday present! So we decided to find things and places that we could walk to. Our first day we walked to the train by our house and rode it to a mall in Bayamon. Logan had found a Baskin Robbins by there and thought we could go to get my favorite ice cream Wild & Reckless. We got there and they had 31 barrels of icecream, but really only like 10 flavors. ha ha. So, they didn't have my favorite icecream. But they did have icecream and that was good enough.

Sunday was my actual birthday and we borrowed our friends car and went to some friends (the Boss') house for dinner. We have such a great time with them!

Then on Monday Logan had the day off from school (Labor Day) so we took the ferry out to Old San Juan for dinner and to explore some more.

Regardless of having to walk everywhere... I had a great birthday with my fam. So here's to being 26!