Saturday, July 26, 2008


We took the boat to the lake with us while camping. It is always a lot of fun to go tubing and boarding. Sometimes we would go even after dinner for a last ride of the day. Other times we would get up at 6:30 to get on the lake before it got to choppy. I figured out half way through the week that we have a continuous picture setting on our camera. It was great. We were able to get great pictures of the jumps and landings while boarding. Though, I figured the continuous out after Mikes turn was over.... sorry Mike. So here are some fun pictures of everyone gettting pulled behind the boat.

Mazur was happy and loving the intertube...

... then he fell off and was not so happy.

There is no age limit on intertubing! Logan and John went on it together and had a blast. I think my mom had even more fun trying to throw them off!

Logan on his way up from a jump...

...and landing, clearing the wake. :)

We're not sure what happened here but Logan definitely did not land this one.

Mike outside the wake...

...and jumping.

This is a picture I took from the shore one night when the boys decided to take a quick run before it got too dark. You can see Logan being pulled behind the boat in the distance.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Boys and their obsession with fire

It seems like boys are just attracted to fire. This camping trip was definitely an example of their obsession. They spent alot of time building fires... big ones, small ones, creative ones. They also spent alot of time gathering and cutting wood for the fires. They made sure that we were always well stocked with wood. They had cut and collected so much wood that by the time we were leaving, the back of the truck was still full. We gave our left over wood to some people that were just getting there. Thanks to the boys, we had great fires all week and so will the people we gave the wood to.:) I made sure to take pictures of their biggest fire accomplishments.

One of the fires that Logan and Mike created. The wood actually fell inwards into the fire pit when it collapsed. Logan and Micheal did not plan it like that... though they might try and say they had designed it to fall inwards.

Apparently Mikes chest was cold. It didn't take long for Mazur to copy him.

The boys wanted to build a bonfire one night and have a pow wow. If you don't understand the picture, John and Mike are posing as Indians and Logan is a buffalo. I think they inhaled too much smoke. :)

...You Sexy Thing

Logan found a tank top in camp that he thought was my sisters... it wasn't, but he didn't figure that out until after he had it on. We never figured out whose it was. Mike thought it would be even funnier to cut the bottom half of it off with his knife while Logan was stuck in it. It was so tight on Logan that he had a hard time getting it off and we were all laughing way to hard to help him. So sexy logan! :)

Best Swing Ever

Ashlee and I got crafty one day and decided to build a swing for our nephew Mazur. It was awesome and so sturdy! Even I was able to swing on it. We noticed that we weren't the only people that got to enjoy it... a few days later there were some other kids swinging on it. Making the swing was well worth the time and energy.


One of my most favorite things about camping is catching snakes, lizards, frogs and other creatures. Logan doesn't particularly feel the same as me about snakes. I love them but it's taken some convincing to get logan to be ok with the idea that snakes aren't that bad. Until recently he thought that all snakes have fangs. haha. (They don't) One of Logans anniversary presents to me was to hold the snakes that were caught through out the week. We made sure to get lots of pictures. I think he secretly ended up liking the snakes once he held them and realized that not all snakes have fangs! :)


Going fishing was one of the things Logan was really excited to do while camping. It had been a long time since he had gone. Lucky for him my brothers and dad love to fish and they had plenty of time to go. Some mornings they got up as early as 7 a.m. to hit the creeks and rivers and then went fishing again after dinner. They didn't have any amazing catches but Logan did catch a fish that was big enough to cook and eat. So, one night after dinner he had a late night snack of rainbow trout. He can't wait until the next time he gets to go fishing. Now he just needs a new fishing pole! Thats right, Ashlee is holding a fish... we're so proud of her. :) Just add a little garlic salt and butter and Logan is happy

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally a real vacation!

We got to go camping with my family July 13-19. We had so much fun. It was the first time in a long time that we've had a real vacation, lasting more than 2 days. We were grateful for the week break and to be able to boat and camp all week long.We spent most of the time down at the lake soaking up the sun and splashing in the cool water. We did so much the whole week that I couldn't break it down into one post so I added all the different things that we did in a couple of posts. It definitely was a fun week full of lots of activities... I understand why people need a vacation from their vacation! :)

Of course like usual my mom brought lots of toys to play with. One was this blowup row boat. We tried to stand up in it for a picture but that didn't work out so great. It didn't take long for us to fall in. It was a really hard boat to paddle. For some reason it liked to go in circles. By the end of the week we were pro paddlers though.

Spending time at the lake was so relaxing that on one occasion Logan fell asleep in the row boat. I kept having to go get his boat and pull it back closer then finally I stopped and just let him float away. He woke up paniced wondering where he was. haha. It was pretty funny.

Two men in a boat- Mike and Logan.

It was fun wehen Mike was able to come up. Him and Logan had fun in the boat together. They ended up tying the entertube to the boat and making a train. Mike eventually got out of the boat and swam using the flippers to pull the boat carrying our nephew Mazur and the entertube with Logan on it.

Logan also made sure to take very attractive pictures of me like this one.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Institute Graduation

Today in church I finally got my certificate for graduating from institute. Your probably saying... "you can gradutate from institute?" Yes you can and when I started college years ago I had made up my mind that graduating from institute was something I wanted to accomplish. Well this year I finally did it. Since SDSU's institute is pretty small they don't have a graduation so instead they send the diplomas to the bishops to sign and hand out in church. It was pretty embarressing. I felt like a teenager receiving my young womens awards again. Luckily I didn't have to recite any articles of faith. :) We also took the oppotunity to take a picture of me this week at 25 weeks pregnant... well almost. Monday it will be 25 weeks. Things have sure poped this week!

4th of July

Our 4th of July was awesome! The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. I think especially since I just finished an early U.S. history class I had a little more appreciation for the 4th and the founding of my country. Luckily Logan was able to get work off this year. We decided to go to the beach with some friends in our ward. We were a little worried because last year the beaches were so packed that it took two hours to even drive in and find a parking spot. We were expecting that this year so we piled into one car and took a dvd player to keep us entertained on the drive. Surprisingly we drove right up and unloaded and found a great spot on the beach. We realized the reason there weren't nearly as many people there was because of the alcohol bans that they made last year. It's now illegal to have alcohol on the beaches in San Diego. It worked out great for us! No crowds or drunks acting crazy!!

The weather was also perfect so we first went sea kayaking. Logan and I took one out together. Getting over the waves was a little hard since they had started to get a little big. I was in the front I got the grunt of waves. I was pretty much going through the waves and Logan wasn't even getting splashed! haha We paddled out and around for a long time and finally decided to go back in and do some other things. Unfortunately the waves had gotten even bigger. As we got closer to shore the waves started carrying us so fast. It was a blast. Our last big wave that we had to go over didn't go so well. Apparently it was just too steep. When they get too steep there is basically no hope, even if you go into them straight your bound to get tipped over and that's what happened it us. Logan was thrown off of the kayak. The back tipped all the way over the top and landed right on top of me, hitting me in the head. No worries... my head can take some pretty hard blows. :) I think Logan got worried for a second when he didn't see me above the water. I surfaced after getting the boat off of me and we both started laughing then realized another big wave was coming. It was a pretty big task trying to get the boat back to shore while the waves were smashing into us. We had a lot of fun... being thrown off the boat just made it that more exciting! Logan also went surfing and caught 3 good rides. When he came in from surfing he told me that everytime he got up he just felt like yelling "cowabunga". Best part is he was being serious. haha... too funny. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of it. As soon as he went out to go surfing the marine layer came in. The fog was so think that I just couldn't get a picture of him. Then as soon as he was done the marine layer burned off.... of course it worked out that way!

We took a little barbeque with us and made killer tin foil dinners. I think I could have tin foil dinners everynight... that's how much I love them. Then we had smores...a couple of times. I'm not a big smores fan so I usually end up making them, taking a bite, and handing them over to Logan who loves them.

The fireworks were great. We got to see three different shows from where we were sitting. We first saw the show coming from Sea World, then the show on Mount Soledad, and then the grand finale.... the La Jolla Cove show. They were all great and really close the where we were. All in all we had a great 4th of July.

Packing up was a bit of a challenge since we brought 2 kayaks, 2 surfboards, a barbeque, chairs, toys etc. But, it was all worth the fun that we had.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Attempt #2

So the ultrasound went much better this time! We were literally seen right away. I hadn't even finished filling out all the forms when they pulled us back. It was on our 6 month mark and so far everything looks good. The pictures didn't turn out very good because she was being a little stubborn and not moving for the tech. I guess because she was sitting breech the tech had a harder time viewing some things. I don't know. We had a good time just watching and hearing her heart beat. So cute. :)