Sunday, July 6, 2008

Institute Graduation

Today in church I finally got my certificate for graduating from institute. Your probably saying... "you can gradutate from institute?" Yes you can and when I started college years ago I had made up my mind that graduating from institute was something I wanted to accomplish. Well this year I finally did it. Since SDSU's institute is pretty small they don't have a graduation so instead they send the diplomas to the bishops to sign and hand out in church. It was pretty embarressing. I felt like a teenager receiving my young womens awards again. Luckily I didn't have to recite any articles of faith. :) We also took the oppotunity to take a picture of me this week at 25 weeks pregnant... well almost. Monday it will be 25 weeks. Things have sure poped this week!


bretandjulie said...

Congrats you big institute grad. I bet there's not a lot out there who actually get it. Your little baby bump looks super cute. And your 4th looked like so much fun. You must be turning into quite a beach bum. And as for the kayaking, you're about as tough as they come. I'm glad the big waves didn't get you too bad.

SiLLiWiLLi said...

yeah! you're a mormon fo sho!!

look how cute u r!!! i love the belly! can't wait to see u! any date picked yet?

Jack and Heidi Shiner said...

Hey there! I found you off of Hillary's blog. It was good to see you on Sunday, though I was so sad we did no get a chance to talk. I can't believe you are pregnant!? You're belly is so tiny! Congratulations, hope all is well.