Friday, July 25, 2008

Boys and their obsession with fire

It seems like boys are just attracted to fire. This camping trip was definitely an example of their obsession. They spent alot of time building fires... big ones, small ones, creative ones. They also spent alot of time gathering and cutting wood for the fires. They made sure that we were always well stocked with wood. They had cut and collected so much wood that by the time we were leaving, the back of the truck was still full. We gave our left over wood to some people that were just getting there. Thanks to the boys, we had great fires all week and so will the people we gave the wood to.:) I made sure to take pictures of their biggest fire accomplishments.

One of the fires that Logan and Mike created. The wood actually fell inwards into the fire pit when it collapsed. Logan and Micheal did not plan it like that... though they might try and say they had designed it to fall inwards.

Apparently Mikes chest was cold. It didn't take long for Mazur to copy him.

The boys wanted to build a bonfire one night and have a pow wow. If you don't understand the picture, John and Mike are posing as Indians and Logan is a buffalo. I think they inhaled too much smoke. :)