Friday, September 28, 2012


At nine month Emerys first 2 teeth started poking through. It of course did get a picture until 2 weeks later but, good enough. It wasn't long before I got my first bite from her.

Showing off her teeth
My cute little rolly 9 1/2 half monther. They can go so quick from this... this mess.

Aftons New Do

This is what happens when mom is gone and dad is watching the kids. jk. Logan knew that was coming. Truth is he's great with the kids... probably better than me. I was gone at a RS meeting one night and I came home to Logan saying, "ok, so something happened." I was definitely bummed. It was a pretty bad cut. In some places it was only 1 cm long and she got pretty much half of her head. So our only option was to chop it off. She was really sad. One night while trimming her hair I made the mistake of telling her that we have to cut her hair so that it will grow healthy and long. So, she was cutting her hair thinking it would make it "grow healthy and long like tangleds."

A mean mullet
The comb over. You can see all the little hairs sticking through.
And sticking up!
The new cut. So sad to cute her hair. It tooks us a long time to get it as long as it was. I miss her pig tails, and ponytails!

3 words

Drooliest baby ever!


We woke up on Easter to a very happy baby,

and a trail of Easter eggs.
The Easter bunny once again borrow some plastic toy bins to use for baskets. I managed to actually finish Emerys basket liner on time. It's a miracle.
Afton's basket
Emerys basket
The tangled mess we wake up to everyday. I put her to sleep with combed hair and she wakes up with this. How is that even possible?!
Of course she went straight for the fancy shoes. She fell in love with these shoes at the gap outlet and somehow the easter bunny knew. They are now her favorite shoes.
Showing Emery her basket
I tortured everyone and made them take a few pictures after church.
Silly faces... always making silly faces.
Affy girl
"hey knock that off dada!"
The two responsible for all the craziness.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting Ready for Easter

Easter was great this year. It's fun to see Afton get so excited about it. And then Emery gets excited because she see's Afton getting excited.

Our ward had a great Easter Activity. It started with going door to door of the church building and learning about Christ and what Easter is really about. Afton picking out an egg from each room and opening it to see what was inside and hearing how those things represented Christ. I'm glad they found a fun way to tell what Easter is really about, not the easter bunny. After that activity was over the kids got to run outside and start looking for eggs. A few of the eggs had been taken over by the hot sun and the crazy ants here in PR, but there were still tons of eggs

Emery just watching the choas.

Filling up her bag!
I became the bag holder when afton realized finding eggs and holding her bag at the same time was slowing her down.
The loot. Poor Emery had no idea what she was holding.
Going to town on her candy.
Later that night we colored eggs. Afton loves coloring the eggs... what kids doesn't
The finished project.

General Conference

Lounging with Dada
This is why it's hard to listen to general conference with little kids!
Trying hard to keep her entertained so we could listen, and yes I was listening. :)
Inbetween sessions Afton and I had a great time taking "ghost" pictures of her with the camera.
Emery was not impressed. I love the faces babies make when they cry. So cute. To bad it gets old real quick as they turn to toddlers!

Beginning of April

Afton gave Emery some earrings.

Swinging at the park
Loves pushing lulu in the swing
Sprinkler fun on our roof.
Emery loved sitting ontop of the sprinkler. She's crazy about water!