Wednesday, September 26, 2012

El Yunque

This was Logans first trip to El Yunque Rainforest. The rest of us had been there a couple of times but Logan was always to busy with school. It was a fun little family outing.

3 year olds think they're so funny!

The viewing tower that was of course closed.
Twins. This is Emery's new face. She does this all day long. I'm starting to worry that her tongue is to big for her mouth! :) In Kmart the checker lady started laughing because Emery just sat in cart the whole check out with her tongue hanging out like this..
And still the tongue hanging out.
We got in the pool below the waterfall but the water was freezing and the rocks were sharp. We didn't last long. On our way hiking out we took this pic. I set it on a log and set the timer but tripped and sort of fell into Logan.
Can you tell who Emery's favorite is? jk


H+B Jackson said...

So fun!

Daphne used to do that with her tongue too while her teeth are coming in. I think she liked to feel them and it soothed her gums. Who knows though right?