Friday, September 28, 2012

Aftons New Do

This is what happens when mom is gone and dad is watching the kids. jk. Logan knew that was coming. Truth is he's great with the kids... probably better than me. I was gone at a RS meeting one night and I came home to Logan saying, "ok, so something happened." I was definitely bummed. It was a pretty bad cut. In some places it was only 1 cm long and she got pretty much half of her head. So our only option was to chop it off. She was really sad. One night while trimming her hair I made the mistake of telling her that we have to cut her hair so that it will grow healthy and long. So, she was cutting her hair thinking it would make it "grow healthy and long like tangleds."

A mean mullet
The comb over. You can see all the little hairs sticking through.
And sticking up!
The new cut. So sad to cute her hair. It tooks us a long time to get it as long as it was. I miss her pig tails, and ponytails!