Friday, September 28, 2012


We woke up on Easter to a very happy baby,

and a trail of Easter eggs.
The Easter bunny once again borrow some plastic toy bins to use for baskets. I managed to actually finish Emerys basket liner on time. It's a miracle.
Afton's basket
Emerys basket
The tangled mess we wake up to everyday. I put her to sleep with combed hair and she wakes up with this. How is that even possible?!
Of course she went straight for the fancy shoes. She fell in love with these shoes at the gap outlet and somehow the easter bunny knew. They are now her favorite shoes.
Showing Emery her basket
I tortured everyone and made them take a few pictures after church.
Silly faces... always making silly faces.
Affy girl
"hey knock that off dada!"
The two responsible for all the craziness.