Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The rest of March went a little like this...
Crazy bathtimes

Emery always wants in on the action.
Afton making lunch again. This time she made sandwiches with leftover french toast, ham, and laughing cow cheese. I wouldn't eat it! ;)
She said it tasted delicious. I don't believe her. I think it was the indepedance of making her own sandwich that made it taste so good.
We had a bout of pink eye... no fun. We have no idea where she got it.
Emery loves kissing herself in the mirror.
Afton came and said she, "painted her toes and they look really cool." She markered them with luckily washable markers. So we had another talk about the places we are allowed to color with markers. Paper only!
Sad day. Said goodbye to Afton's best buddy. She loves her Carson. It hasn't been the same in PR without them here.
A another project finished.
Mess maker
Celebrating Eddies birthday. He's one of the Endo residents here with us in PR.
Our always leaking wall. This is normal here. Logan, my Mr. fix it, was able to get it sealed up.
And that is how the rest of our March went!