Saturday, January 31, 2009

She just loves her Bumbo!

Mormon Battalion Commemoration

Today we went to Old Town in San Diego for the annual Mormon Battalion Commemoration. This was actually the first year we we're able to go and it just so happened that Logan got asked to help out at one of the booths with his buddy Kris. Their booth was the biscuit making booth and they had to work real hard.... j/k! Pretty much they stood there, talked, and laughed. Their job was to make sure none of the kids got burned while cooking their biscuits over coals.... none of them did so I guess that means they did a good job or just got lucky! Anyway, the best part about this whole event is that everything is free! Yes Free! Nothing in San Diego is Free!... but this was. There were alot of really cool booths, a lot of strollers, and alot of lost kids. Seriously, I've never seen so many strollers in my life. haha.... and I was one of them. And, luckily all the kids and parents were found. While Logan was working at the booth I went and sat down to feed Afton and listened to this women tell real pioneer stories on the stage. I actually really enjoyed it. On top of everything, the weather was absolutely perfect! The weather has been just about perfect since we got home from our Christmas vacation in Fresno. We left fresno wearing pants and sweatshirts and got home to San Diego and just about died. It was 80 degree's! And it's been between 70-80 degree's almost everyday since! I've kinda become and fanatic about the weather here. I've been starting to realize that my time in San Diego will soon be coming to an end and that I'm really going to miss the weather! Anyway, when Logan was done with his turn at the booth we walked around and checked everything out. There were a bunch of girls at this pioneer doll making booth... the little rag dolls were so cute. There was also a dutch oven cook-off and after the judges tasted and judged the food they passed out the rest to everyone else. It was delicious. At another booth, the Daughters of Mormon Pioneers made cinnamon and sugar scones in a dutch oven... we went back twice. I'm not sure if you were allowed to get seconds but it looked like they had plenty so we did and it was so good! All in all it was a great day out in the sun!

Afton was so good. She just loved people watching while sucking her thumb. I finally put her in shorts today. Everyday I still have this winter mentality so I put her in pants and it always ends up being to hot for pants. So today I finally convinced myself that it was not going to get too cold for shorts. I'm glad I did... it was definitely warm and sunny enough for shorts.

This the list of all the booths and events they had there. If you're ever anywhere close enough to come down to San Diego for the day I would definitely recommend coming for this event.

This is some history of the battalion that they had posted. The battalion was actually an important part in settling San Diego. There is a church visitors center in Old town that is in the process of being remodeled.

Afton just hanging out in her stroller.

Logan made the perfect biscuit then it was my turn. I lasted a few minutes. It took way to long for me so I decided to just eat mine half cooked. haha. It was a little doughy.

Logan and Kris done with their shift and making biscuits for themselves.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 months!

At 3 months Afton:

- is sucking her thumb, mostly her left but every once in a while her right.
- had her first gut laugh this week... it caught me and logan off guard. We both stopped right when she did it and looked at each other with this "did she just do what I think she did" look.
- is our little chunk-a-lunk weighing in at 13 lbs (75th percentile). Pretty impressive considering she was in the 10th when she was born.... she loves to eat!:)
- is 23 and a 1/2 inches long (just above the 50th)
- loves watching t.v.
- is really happy in the mornings and after she eats.
- loves talking and cooing to everyone.
- is not as needy and fussy as she used to be.
- loves to go for walks in the stroller.
- doesn't like being put in her car seat most of the time.
- still spits up alot.
- finally had a real blow out... it took pretty long to clean up.
- still hates spending time on her stomach.
- gets fussy when she's tired and wants to go to sleep.
- still likes to be rocked and cuddled to sleep.
- pushes away when we hold her so that she can look around and see everything that is going on. - will only take a binky when she's trying to fall asleep.
- is starting to like her toys.. especially the ones that make noise and flash lights.
- loves bath time.
- still doesn't like getting dressed but has gotten a little more patient about it.
- has so many facial expressions and makes so many silly noises. Her dads personal favorite is her growl/grunt noise. Her mom's is her weak attempt at a cry noise.
- is really bald... when is all her dark hair going to grow back! :) but she's still really cute!
- still gets mistaken for a boy nearly every day... no joke. She'll even be wearing pink/flowery clothes and have a cute girl blanket and people will say... "oh what a cute boy." I don't think we've ever heard "oh what a cute little girl". haha... we just laugh.
- loves wrestling with her dad and laughing at his silly faces.
-has started to drool ALOT.

Me and my girl

First real blow out! It was also up her back... my brothers would be pretty impressed. :)

Love that smile

The sweetest little sleeping face.

I think she really really looks like my brother michael when he was little, in this picture.

Always happy during bath time.

Thought we would finally get a picture infront of our tree before we took it down.

Notice the wet spot on her shirt... yah, that's all from drool. haha. I think she gets that from her dad. j/k

Dads really good at multi-tasking. He can put Afton to sleep and play xbox all at the same time.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

If you remember me when I was little, this is probably how you remember me...sucking my thumb. And now...

... this is what we see Afton doing all the time just with her left hand instead.

This one's for you Dad!

Wish you could have been home today to watch the game with us! Love you!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

When Dad gets me dressed...

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well this year Logan had to work Christmas Eve and the days before Christmas Eve so I drove up a few days ahead of him to try and get some Christmas projects and shopping done... and of course to visit. It was a lot of fun for everyone to get to see Afton a little more than a couple of days. It was a lot of fun for me to have extra help in taking care of her. Logan drove up Christms Eve after his shift and got to Fresno at about 4 a.m... just in time for Christmas morning. I think the song "I'll be home for Christmas" hit home for us this year. We were a little worried that he might not make it since the grapevine had been shut down for a while due to snow, but we were blessed and it opened back up and he made safely just in time.

Afton really likes John for some reason. Around Thanksgiving when she first started smiling, John would always make her smile just by talking to her.

Getting lots of attention from Aunts and Uncles. Aunt Ashlee and Afton

Afton and uncle Marc

Making Afton's stocking

The finished project...well almost. I want to add some more beading and sequins so that it looks more like the stockings my aunt Hope made for everyone in my family but I think I'll just have to finish it up next year.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve I went to dinner with Logans side of the family to a great Mexican restaurant that is owned by members of our church. It was so good...and I consider myself a good judge since I practically live on the border and get lots of opportunities to have authentic Mexican food!

Afton and her cousin Ella. I almost didn't post this picture because it bothers me that her bow is in the middle of her head. It just doesn't seem right there, needs to be on a side or something. haha. How silly is it that I notice that!

Afton got lots of attention from her cousins. After every visit with them she would be so exhausted from all the excitment and stimulation. Afton and her cousin Kyla.

After dinner we went back to my parents house and hung out there.

Playing with uncle Mike. As you can tell in all these pictures, her Grandma loves to hold her!

We had to put socks on her hands because she scratches her face up a lot. I'm not very good at clipping her finger nails so Logan takes care of that responsibility... I just use socks. :)

My mom always has the most beautiful Christmas tree. I love it and every year I try and take a picture to capture how pretty it is and the picture just never shows it how I see it. So here's a lame attempt at taking a good picture of my moms tree.

Christmas Eve with my girl... waiting for dad to come!

Mazur (my nephew) and Whitney (his dad) made a huge cookie for Santa. They even spelled out mazurs name with M&M's.

Uncle Whitney

Christmas Day!

Santa stopped by...

...and dad made it!

Every year we make eggs benedict for breakfast Christmas morning. This tradition was so hard for me when I was little. I wanted to open presents right away but we always had to wait until after breakfast. My mom also does this thing where she doesn't put names on packages. She numbers all the presents so that we have no idea who is getting what present until Christmas morning. I guess she got tired of hearing us complain when we were little about the other siblings having bigger or more presents. Now since we're older I doubt any of us would complain (well maybe John j/k) but we still do it because we all love the surprise. I'd have to say that the only bad thing is if she losses her master list that shows who gets what gift, luckily that hasn't happened yet.

Everyone sitting down for breakfast. This year there were 13 people that slept over at my parents house! It was one packed house and alot of fun to having everyone together.

Opening presents!

After we were done at my parents house we headed over to Logan's parents house to meet up with everyone from his side.

Uncle Aaron, Afton and Cousin Mclane

We love getting books!

Yes Kyla and I have the same size feet. I can wear a size 4 in kids...pretty sad. haha

Charlie was pretty stoked about his new tools.

Aunt Kristi, Afton, and cousin #16 due in February.

After opening presents we stopped by to visit Grandpa Henderson.

I wish I could fall asleep so easily!

Our 4th Christmas together

Day After Christmas...

...We hit the slopes. Logan, Mike, Neal, and Me. Yes I tend to look like a boy when I snowboard but who cares!