Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mormon Battalion Commemoration

Today we went to Old Town in San Diego for the annual Mormon Battalion Commemoration. This was actually the first year we we're able to go and it just so happened that Logan got asked to help out at one of the booths with his buddy Kris. Their booth was the biscuit making booth and they had to work real hard.... j/k! Pretty much they stood there, talked, and laughed. Their job was to make sure none of the kids got burned while cooking their biscuits over coals.... none of them did so I guess that means they did a good job or just got lucky! Anyway, the best part about this whole event is that everything is free! Yes Free! Nothing in San Diego is Free!... but this was. There were alot of really cool booths, a lot of strollers, and alot of lost kids. Seriously, I've never seen so many strollers in my life. haha.... and I was one of them. And, luckily all the kids and parents were found. While Logan was working at the booth I went and sat down to feed Afton and listened to this women tell real pioneer stories on the stage. I actually really enjoyed it. On top of everything, the weather was absolutely perfect! The weather has been just about perfect since we got home from our Christmas vacation in Fresno. We left fresno wearing pants and sweatshirts and got home to San Diego and just about died. It was 80 degree's! And it's been between 70-80 degree's almost everyday since! I've kinda become and fanatic about the weather here. I've been starting to realize that my time in San Diego will soon be coming to an end and that I'm really going to miss the weather! Anyway, when Logan was done with his turn at the booth we walked around and checked everything out. There were a bunch of girls at this pioneer doll making booth... the little rag dolls were so cute. There was also a dutch oven cook-off and after the judges tasted and judged the food they passed out the rest to everyone else. It was delicious. At another booth, the Daughters of Mormon Pioneers made cinnamon and sugar scones in a dutch oven... we went back twice. I'm not sure if you were allowed to get seconds but it looked like they had plenty so we did and it was so good! All in all it was a great day out in the sun!

Afton was so good. She just loved people watching while sucking her thumb. I finally put her in shorts today. Everyday I still have this winter mentality so I put her in pants and it always ends up being to hot for pants. So today I finally convinced myself that it was not going to get too cold for shorts. I'm glad I did... it was definitely warm and sunny enough for shorts.

This the list of all the booths and events they had there. If you're ever anywhere close enough to come down to San Diego for the day I would definitely recommend coming for this event.

This is some history of the battalion that they had posted. The battalion was actually an important part in settling San Diego. There is a church visitors center in Old town that is in the process of being remodeled.

Afton just hanging out in her stroller.

Logan made the perfect biscuit then it was my turn. I lasted a few minutes. It took way to long for me so I decided to just eat mine half cooked. haha. It was a little doughy.

Logan and Kris done with their shift and making biscuits for themselves.