Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 months!

At 3 months Afton:

- is sucking her thumb, mostly her left but every once in a while her right.
- had her first gut laugh this week... it caught me and logan off guard. We both stopped right when she did it and looked at each other with this "did she just do what I think she did" look.
- is our little chunk-a-lunk weighing in at 13 lbs (75th percentile). Pretty impressive considering she was in the 10th when she was born.... she loves to eat!:)
- is 23 and a 1/2 inches long (just above the 50th)
- loves watching t.v.
- is really happy in the mornings and after she eats.
- loves talking and cooing to everyone.
- is not as needy and fussy as she used to be.
- loves to go for walks in the stroller.
- doesn't like being put in her car seat most of the time.
- still spits up alot.
- finally had a real blow out... it took pretty long to clean up.
- still hates spending time on her stomach.
- gets fussy when she's tired and wants to go to sleep.
- still likes to be rocked and cuddled to sleep.
- pushes away when we hold her so that she can look around and see everything that is going on. - will only take a binky when she's trying to fall asleep.
- is starting to like her toys.. especially the ones that make noise and flash lights.
- loves bath time.
- still doesn't like getting dressed but has gotten a little more patient about it.
- has so many facial expressions and makes so many silly noises. Her dads personal favorite is her growl/grunt noise. Her mom's is her weak attempt at a cry noise.
- is really bald... when is all her dark hair going to grow back! :) but she's still really cute!
- still gets mistaken for a boy nearly every day... no joke. She'll even be wearing pink/flowery clothes and have a cute girl blanket and people will say... "oh what a cute boy." I don't think we've ever heard "oh what a cute little girl". haha... we just laugh.
- loves wrestling with her dad and laughing at his silly faces.
-has started to drool ALOT.

Me and my girl

First real blow out! It was also up her back... my brothers would be pretty impressed. :)

Love that smile

The sweetest little sleeping face.

I think she really really looks like my brother michael when he was little, in this picture.

Always happy during bath time.

Thought we would finally get a picture infront of our tree before we took it down.

Notice the wet spot on her shirt... yah, that's all from drool. haha. I think she gets that from her dad. j/k

Dads really good at multi-tasking. He can put Afton to sleep and play xbox all at the same time.


kate said...

You guys, she's adorable!!! You all make the cutest lil fam!

Ashlee said...

Nice Logan . . .

Zion Tilley said...

The poop looks familiar. But some words of wisdom, enjoy the blowouts now. Once she starts eating solids, you will have to wear a gas mask! Hahaha She is adorable Heidi. Can't wait to meet her in person. U guys: LC?


Can I just adopt her... please! She's beautiful and happens to have just the right name :) Yeah, I have to agree with Ashlee.... nice Logan. I guess I wouldn't care what my husband was doing as long as he got the baby to sleep.

PalsRWe said...

Love all the cute pictures. She sure is sweet and learning so much...Kaedyn is a thumb sucker too when she is sleepy, I think it's adorable when babies suck their tiny little thumb. That's amazin she just had her first blowout, your lucky... And about the boy thing/ no hair... Keep wishing.... Baby Kaedyn turned 1 and still has less hair than when she was born.. It will grow one day. Hugs from the 3 of us