Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well this year Logan had to work Christmas Eve and the days before Christmas Eve so I drove up a few days ahead of him to try and get some Christmas projects and shopping done... and of course to visit. It was a lot of fun for everyone to get to see Afton a little more than a couple of days. It was a lot of fun for me to have extra help in taking care of her. Logan drove up Christms Eve after his shift and got to Fresno at about 4 a.m... just in time for Christmas morning. I think the song "I'll be home for Christmas" hit home for us this year. We were a little worried that he might not make it since the grapevine had been shut down for a while due to snow, but we were blessed and it opened back up and he made safely just in time.

Afton really likes John for some reason. Around Thanksgiving when she first started smiling, John would always make her smile just by talking to her.

Getting lots of attention from Aunts and Uncles. Aunt Ashlee and Afton

Afton and uncle Marc

Making Afton's stocking

The finished project...well almost. I want to add some more beading and sequins so that it looks more like the stockings my aunt Hope made for everyone in my family but I think I'll just have to finish it up next year.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve I went to dinner with Logans side of the family to a great Mexican restaurant that is owned by members of our church. It was so good...and I consider myself a good judge since I practically live on the border and get lots of opportunities to have authentic Mexican food!

Afton and her cousin Ella. I almost didn't post this picture because it bothers me that her bow is in the middle of her head. It just doesn't seem right there, needs to be on a side or something. haha. How silly is it that I notice that!

Afton got lots of attention from her cousins. After every visit with them she would be so exhausted from all the excitment and stimulation. Afton and her cousin Kyla.

After dinner we went back to my parents house and hung out there.

Playing with uncle Mike. As you can tell in all these pictures, her Grandma loves to hold her!

We had to put socks on her hands because she scratches her face up a lot. I'm not very good at clipping her finger nails so Logan takes care of that responsibility... I just use socks. :)

My mom always has the most beautiful Christmas tree. I love it and every year I try and take a picture to capture how pretty it is and the picture just never shows it how I see it. So here's a lame attempt at taking a good picture of my moms tree.

Christmas Eve with my girl... waiting for dad to come!

Mazur (my nephew) and Whitney (his dad) made a huge cookie for Santa. They even spelled out mazurs name with M&M's.

Uncle Whitney

Christmas Day!

Santa stopped by...

...and dad made it!

Every year we make eggs benedict for breakfast Christmas morning. This tradition was so hard for me when I was little. I wanted to open presents right away but we always had to wait until after breakfast. My mom also does this thing where she doesn't put names on packages. She numbers all the presents so that we have no idea who is getting what present until Christmas morning. I guess she got tired of hearing us complain when we were little about the other siblings having bigger or more presents. Now since we're older I doubt any of us would complain (well maybe John j/k) but we still do it because we all love the surprise. I'd have to say that the only bad thing is if she losses her master list that shows who gets what gift, luckily that hasn't happened yet.

Everyone sitting down for breakfast. This year there were 13 people that slept over at my parents house! It was one packed house and alot of fun to having everyone together.

Opening presents!

After we were done at my parents house we headed over to Logan's parents house to meet up with everyone from his side.

Uncle Aaron, Afton and Cousin Mclane

We love getting books!

Yes Kyla and I have the same size feet. I can wear a size 4 in kids...pretty sad. haha

Charlie was pretty stoked about his new tools.

Aunt Kristi, Afton, and cousin #16 due in February.

After opening presents we stopped by to visit Grandpa Henderson.

I wish I could fall asleep so easily!

Our 4th Christmas together

Day After Christmas...

...We hit the slopes. Logan, Mike, Neal, and Me. Yes I tend to look like a boy when I snowboard but who cares!