Monday, October 31, 2011

Dada Time

All of us girls sure love him a lot.


She's getting so big so fast!

Beach Weekend

Because of a holiday and a strike at school, Logan had a 4 day weekend in September. We decided to try for the 3rd time to make it out to Culebra. We had everything planned and ready to go. We thought for sure we would make it out there this time since we were going on a Thursday and not a busy weekend. We got up early and got to the ferry only to find that they had cancelled all the morning ferrys out to Culebra. Just like that, cancelled. Attempt number three: failed! After a very long scenic drive home we decided to try something new and went to the Hilton by our house. They have their own beach and a lot of nice pools. We didn't even have to worry about having chairs because they had some already set out with shade. Afton loved all the fish we found. We brought some goggles for her and she spent the whole time trying to touch them. When we were done on the beach we went over to the pool for a swim and to get all the salt water and sand off. Definitely something we will have to do again. A good ending to a disappointing start.

Making thier best pirate faces

The rest of the weekend Logan spent studying. We took one break to go to the park. We were only there 3 seconds before Afton got attacked by the monster ants we have here in PR. Poor girl. She stepped out of the car and right onto an ant hill.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Our typical day

She loves playing kitchen. Everyday when Logan gets home..."Dada, you want to play kitchen with me?" Logan plays so good with her. No wonder she's such a daddy's girl.

Emery just being sweet little Emery. She is the drooliest baby ever. I have to keep a bib on her or else her onesie will get soaked all the way down the front!

Why does this happen at the most inconvenient times!? Right as your rushing out the door to get somewhere ontime!


Afton's favorite thing to do is go swimming! She's a fish! She can dive down and get things off the bottom of the pool all by herself and can swim from one side of the pool to the other. She is also starting to dive in head first. She's a little too cocky however when it comes to her swimming abilities! She makes me nervous! Emery hanging out while we swim. Just happy to be there!

2 Months Old

Head: 15 inches (16th percentile)
Length: 23 inches (55th percentile)
Weight: 11lbs 12 oz. (56th percentile)

At 2 months she's really started to smile a lot and respond to us. She's a happy happy girl and a good baby. Still throws up and spits up all the time!!!

Family Night

We've been much better this year about having Family Home Evening. Probably because Afton actually gets it this year and loves it! We decided to go down to the tunnel for a little play time.

Emery 2 months old today!

Caught! I accidentally kicked the ball to Afton right as she ran towards me. This is right before it smacked her in the face. ha ha. She just laughed it off.


I love this fun girl! So full of energy! Look closely and you can see where she wrote her name before she scribbled.. I mean drew all over it.
And it's a good thing I noticed something was just not quite right before giving this to Emery. Afton thought it would be fun to make a playdoh binky.


Why is it that she always sleeps for him?!

Taking pictures

"Say cheese Emery."

Loves helping to feed baby sister every once in a while when she gets a bottle.


Lucky for me, my birthday was on labor day this year and Logan had the day off from school. That was probably the best birthday gift I could have asked for. He made breakfast that morning; German pancakes, my favorite.

It was nice having an extra hand through out the day.

Afton pretty much took over the present opening. She was more excited for me than I was.

That's getting to be a lot of candles!

Out to dinner at Macaroni Grill.

Emery was sleeping in the stroller for this pic. There was no way we were waking her up for it!

First trip to the Beach

We made it to the beach. It's definitely not an easy task with a little baby. But, we had a good time. The older Emery gets, the easier it gets to take her. I did however get repremanded for having her there. A woman can up to me and said "she's to little to be here. You need to leave right now." Ummmm Let me think about that.. No. We had her in the shade the whole time, with a hat and brought a baby beach tent that we kept her in... I think she's going to be ok! Logan did a little snorkeling, and I got to nurse... how fair is that!

The day my mom left and the following week, we just took it easy. No plans, no place to be, no errands to run, just stress free. I wish it could have lasted that way!

I love all her dark hair!
Afton in her PJ's all day

She is such a great big sister!
Laughing saying, "baby sister kiss me!"

"what a cute lil chin sister!"