Monday, October 17, 2011

First week back in PR

Our first week back in PR went like this: clean, attempt to run errands, spend hours in the car to get 1 thing done, go home and clean more, then run errands again. We really didn't get any pictures and my poor mom didn't get to do anything fun! These are the only pictures I got with her in them.

Have I mentioned how much I hate hate hate our white couch!!! Impossible to keep clean and then hard to clean. It took my mom and I hours to clean the couch.

An example of the before and after.

driving around in style... I hate this van! Always something breaking on it and costing a fortune to fix. Not worth the repairs!

Dropping Mom off at the airport at 4a.m.
And those are the only pics we took the whole week she was here. So sad.