Monday, October 31, 2011

Beach Weekend

Because of a holiday and a strike at school, Logan had a 4 day weekend in September. We decided to try for the 3rd time to make it out to Culebra. We had everything planned and ready to go. We thought for sure we would make it out there this time since we were going on a Thursday and not a busy weekend. We got up early and got to the ferry only to find that they had cancelled all the morning ferrys out to Culebra. Just like that, cancelled. Attempt number three: failed! After a very long scenic drive home we decided to try something new and went to the Hilton by our house. They have their own beach and a lot of nice pools. We didn't even have to worry about having chairs because they had some already set out with shade. Afton loved all the fish we found. We brought some goggles for her and she spent the whole time trying to touch them. When we were done on the beach we went over to the pool for a swim and to get all the salt water and sand off. Definitely something we will have to do again. A good ending to a disappointing start.

Making thier best pirate faces

The rest of the weekend Logan spent studying. We took one break to go to the park. We were only there 3 seconds before Afton got attacked by the monster ants we have here in PR. Poor girl. She stepped out of the car and right onto an ant hill.