Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The easter bunny stopped by our house Sunday morning. He almost slept in and would of had to come after church. He brought lots a little goodies and toys for our good girl Afton.

I finally appliqued Afton's name onto her basket liner this year. It something I had been planning to do since her first Easter. I'm really on top of things here!

He left a trail of Easter eggs with 2 M&M's in each all the way from her bed to her basket (or in her case, plastic bin.)

I checked on her just before heading to make breakfast... still sleeping.

Then I heard her talking and playing from her bed. After a little bit I heard her yell with excitement, "there's a easter egg on my bed" and "mmmm, M&M's! I like M&M's in my tummy."

Things got even more exciting when she realized there was a whole trail of them.

Finally made it to the basket. It's so fun to see how exciting Easter is for little kids. We headed to church and changed our focus from the easter bunny to a more important Savior. It was a great day at church.

On our way home we stopped in the parking lot to try and take a few Easter pictures of Afton. She wasn't really cooperating as you can tell. Feeling a little too silly from all the sugar. It's a good thing my camera takes a million pictures a second or I never would have gotten the 2 decent ones that I did. So most the pictures look like this...

But 2 out of 100 turned out like this... not too bad. We'll take what we can get.

And for somewhat cooperating, but not really, she got to drive the car into our parking spot.

After church she disappeared and was very quiet. I knew that could only mean one thing...trouble. I found her hiding under the table sneaking a chocolate bunny.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break

Oh how I was looking forward to spring break! Logan still had a lot to do and to study but had a little time to get out with us. It was a much needed break for all of us!

Saturday Logan studied all morning while Afton and I went to enrichment. We came home around noon and took the ferry out to Old San Juan for the afternoon. Logan still hadn't been to the childrens museum with us and we thought it was a good chance to take Afton one last time before we Afton and I head back to Fresno for the summer.

Blue Steel

"ummm excuse me."

Playing dress up. Here firemen are Bomberos.

We thought this outfit was a good choice considering not even a week earlier we were at San Jorge ER getting stitches in Aftons head.

This wall entertained us for a long time.

I'm not sure who had more fun at the water current table. Probably Logan.

Mon, Tues, and Wed Logan was at school all day studying, working in lab, doing projects, going to tutoring sessions etc. so Afton and I did our own thing.

Tuesday she came with me to my last Dr.'s appt here in PR. My Dr. did a short ultrasound and right when the baby popped up on the screen she started yelling, "that's my baby sister!" It totally caught me off guard. I didn't realize she knew what was going on. It was really fun to see her so excited about it. Totally cute. I'm so grateful that my girls will have each other to love and play with.

Afterwards we met up with some friends at the movies and saw Rio. First we walked into the wrong theatre. It was all in Spanish and we couldn't find any of our friends. Then when we got the the right one I realized it was in 3D. I felt bad for Afton because she had a hard time keeping the glasses on. She had to hold them up with her hands and then would get tired of it and take them off. I think she'll have to be a little older before we go to another 3D movie.

Lucky for us, Tuesday night we took Afton's stitches out so Wed we were able to meet up with some friends for a goodbye party and swimming. Afton loves all the attention the older girls in the ward give her.

Thursday we took the whole day off with Logan and went to the beach with a bunch of our student friends. We BBQ'd, played in the water, and Logan once again got sea urchin spines in his foot. Poor guy.... his one day off.

Afton insisted on wearing what she call's " my dada affin hat." We had a friend bring a cute girl hat for her but she would not take Logans off. Ever since then she has worn it everyday.

Friday it was a ghost town here in PR. Afton and I took off friday morning to see if we could get some groceries for Sunday but everything, and I mean everything, was closed. No stores were open, no restaurants, even about half the gas stations were closed. No one was out driving... it was kind of creepy. Friday night we didn't have any groceries and decided to head out and try and find someone that was open for some dinner.... and we did! The only place we found was a little Japanese restaurant. It reminded us of a Christmas Story. We did not order duck.

Saturday morning our ward had an Easter egg hunt. Afton loved it. She knew exactly what to do this year and took off running for those eggs.

Checking out what she got.

Her friend Ike came over and tried to take some eggs out of her bag. She was not having that! As you can see she's got her eggs covered!

Saturday night after a little study time we decorated eggs and all had a good time together.

Thank goodness for Spring Break!

Baby Shower

It was a great time with good friends. I really love the friends we have made here! It just so happens that my friend Heather is due only 4 days ahead of me and is also having a girl. So they did a combined dinner/baby shower at Macaroni Grill. So layed back and simple, I loved it. Thanks Julia for planning it and everyone that came!

It was pretty hard for the waitor to take this picture. He didn't get that your supposed to look through the camera not just at the screen. ha ha. It was pretty funny.
And I just about gave up on my drive there. I left an hour and a half before it started (should be about a 15 min drive) and was still an hour late to my own baby shower. I love sitting at green lights/ getting cut off/ never being able to find parking/ and wanting to ram people with my car! Lucky for me everyone else was fighting the same traffic and got there late.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First set of Stitches

Turns out Afton's head isn't as hard as we thought it was. While at the park with Logan, Afton was playing on the swing on her tummy. In an attempt to make herself go higher she lost her balance and fell off head first. Logan picked her up and saw blood gushing from her head(you know how much heads bleed!) He called me to have me head over to meet them. I met them at the bottom of the stairs and immediately thought "oh thank goodness it's not her face." ha ha. Is that shallow of me? I would much rather stitches on her scalf than a big scar across her face. I loved what Logans first words to me were..."did you bring the keys." Obviously a very concerned Dada. I was thinking more about getting her up the stairs, stopping the bleeding, cleaning up the mess, and seeing just what the damage was. When I suggested that i think he realized that was a more logical solution. I can't blame the guy for feeling a little panic. He was the one there when all the gushing started. Cleaning things up.

We tried running to an urgent care close by thinking that would be an easier and faster place to go. For anyone that lives here in PR, you know how unreliable things can be. So of course the urgent care was closed. The big sign on the window said it was open until 8:00 p.m. (why does everything here close early!) but another tiny little paper stuck by the handle said they now closed at 6:00. Lame. So we had no other choice but to head to the ER. There are 2 Childrens hospitals close by. We opted for the one in the tourist area that had a Ronald McDonald house... we figured those might help the chances of it being a better hospital and it was.

We got in and were sent to Triage right away. The nurse scrubbed Afton's head and I thought she would start screaming... it really looked like it would hurt. But, she didn't even flinch.

They wrapped her head and Afton thought they gave her a hat as a present. ha ha

When we got in to get it stitched the Dr. asked if we needed to strap her down. We told her no that if she freaked out we would just hold her down. I then told Afton that the dr. had to put a stitch in her owie to make it better and that it might sting for just a second. She was ok with that. The Dr. kept saying how amazing she was, that she was the best patient she's ever had. Afton just laid there calmly, not even flinching or moving or crying.

Afton thought it was really silly that the Dr. covered her face. I completely expected her to cry when she gave her the shot in her head to numb it but she didn't. I asked her if it tickled and she said, "no it hurt." But she did say the stitches tickled.

All stitched up and happy to have her "hat" back on.

She was pretty excited about Superman being there and we were pretty excited that she was such a super girl and that the whole thing took only about an hour and fifteen minutes. Amazing!

Since it all happened in the middle of me making dinner, we stopped by Burger King on the way to get her antibiotics and got some food. Logan decided that any kid that gets stitches and doesn't cry about deserves a chocolate milkshake. Don't worry she didn't get the whole thing to herself... she had to share with us.

When we got her home and started getting her ready for bed she did not want to take her hat off. I had to tell her that it needed to go in the trash because there was blood all over it. She was a little disappointed about having to throw away her present. The whole event was so untramatic for her and us. We didn't know what to execpt her in PR. Sometimes things are smooth but most of the time you just count on everything being the worst case scenario. Now we know what hospital to go to when she needs to get her next set of stitches.