Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Shower

It was a great time with good friends. I really love the friends we have made here! It just so happens that my friend Heather is due only 4 days ahead of me and is also having a girl. So they did a combined dinner/baby shower at Macaroni Grill. So layed back and simple, I loved it. Thanks Julia for planning it and everyone that came!

It was pretty hard for the waitor to take this picture. He didn't get that your supposed to look through the camera not just at the screen. ha ha. It was pretty funny.
And I just about gave up on my drive there. I left an hour and a half before it started (should be about a 15 min drive) and was still an hour late to my own baby shower. I love sitting at green lights/ getting cut off/ never being able to find parking/ and wanting to ram people with my car! Lucky for me everyone else was fighting the same traffic and got there late.