Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The easter bunny stopped by our house Sunday morning. He almost slept in and would of had to come after church. He brought lots a little goodies and toys for our good girl Afton.

I finally appliqued Afton's name onto her basket liner this year. It something I had been planning to do since her first Easter. I'm really on top of things here!

He left a trail of Easter eggs with 2 M&M's in each all the way from her bed to her basket (or in her case, plastic bin.)

I checked on her just before heading to make breakfast... still sleeping.

Then I heard her talking and playing from her bed. After a little bit I heard her yell with excitement, "there's a easter egg on my bed" and "mmmm, M&M's! I like M&M's in my tummy."

Things got even more exciting when she realized there was a whole trail of them.

Finally made it to the basket. It's so fun to see how exciting Easter is for little kids. We headed to church and changed our focus from the easter bunny to a more important Savior. It was a great day at church.

On our way home we stopped in the parking lot to try and take a few Easter pictures of Afton. She wasn't really cooperating as you can tell. Feeling a little too silly from all the sugar. It's a good thing my camera takes a million pictures a second or I never would have gotten the 2 decent ones that I did. So most the pictures look like this...

But 2 out of 100 turned out like this... not too bad. We'll take what we can get.

And for somewhat cooperating, but not really, she got to drive the car into our parking spot.

After church she disappeared and was very quiet. I knew that could only mean one thing...trouble. I found her hiding under the table sneaking a chocolate bunny.


Megan Wilcox said...

Cute pics Heidi! Afton is getting so big! I bought the same elephant dress for my baby to wear next spring, I love it!

Mattson Family said...

Looks like it was a great Easter! Afton looks so cute in her Easter dress!