Wednesday, April 13, 2011


After going to a birthday get together at a friends house on saturday a few weeks ago, I came home and started not feeling great. I thought it was just heart burn and nausea from the 3 pieces of pizza, full plate of fruits and veggies with dip, orange soda and 2 cupcakes that I managed to stuff down my throat.... yah I know, pretty disgusting. Things progressively got worse and ended in a night of puking and no sleep. By Sunday morning I had all the symptoms of a 24 hour flu bug so Logan and Afton got ready and went to church without me. I had to take a picture of the two of them as they left together. They coincidentally matched and looked so sweet going to church, just the two of them.

Little did we know that miss Afton would come home from church and a couple hours later wake up from her nap puking all over her bed. She continued to throw up 4 seperate times... once in bed(thank goodness for mattress protectors), then on the floor by the bathroom(thank goodness we have tile floors), once in the toilet(we were very impressed that she felt it coming and knew where to go), and once all over the front of me(thank goodness for great pregnant cleavage and bra's to catch it all). Why is it that anytime kids throw up there is hot dog in it? Whatever the case, we washed about 9 loads of laundry that day. It's a good thing I felt better the next morning because I had A LOT of laundry to put away and A LOT of cleaning to do!

Finally sleeping sound and like a little baby with her little bum in the air and "baby alligator" underneath her.