Sunday, April 17, 2011

First set of Stitches

Turns out Afton's head isn't as hard as we thought it was. While at the park with Logan, Afton was playing on the swing on her tummy. In an attempt to make herself go higher she lost her balance and fell off head first. Logan picked her up and saw blood gushing from her head(you know how much heads bleed!) He called me to have me head over to meet them. I met them at the bottom of the stairs and immediately thought "oh thank goodness it's not her face." ha ha. Is that shallow of me? I would much rather stitches on her scalf than a big scar across her face. I loved what Logans first words to me were..."did you bring the keys." Obviously a very concerned Dada. I was thinking more about getting her up the stairs, stopping the bleeding, cleaning up the mess, and seeing just what the damage was. When I suggested that i think he realized that was a more logical solution. I can't blame the guy for feeling a little panic. He was the one there when all the gushing started. Cleaning things up.

We tried running to an urgent care close by thinking that would be an easier and faster place to go. For anyone that lives here in PR, you know how unreliable things can be. So of course the urgent care was closed. The big sign on the window said it was open until 8:00 p.m. (why does everything here close early!) but another tiny little paper stuck by the handle said they now closed at 6:00. Lame. So we had no other choice but to head to the ER. There are 2 Childrens hospitals close by. We opted for the one in the tourist area that had a Ronald McDonald house... we figured those might help the chances of it being a better hospital and it was.

We got in and were sent to Triage right away. The nurse scrubbed Afton's head and I thought she would start screaming... it really looked like it would hurt. But, she didn't even flinch.

They wrapped her head and Afton thought they gave her a hat as a present. ha ha

When we got in to get it stitched the Dr. asked if we needed to strap her down. We told her no that if she freaked out we would just hold her down. I then told Afton that the dr. had to put a stitch in her owie to make it better and that it might sting for just a second. She was ok with that. The Dr. kept saying how amazing she was, that she was the best patient she's ever had. Afton just laid there calmly, not even flinching or moving or crying.

Afton thought it was really silly that the Dr. covered her face. I completely expected her to cry when she gave her the shot in her head to numb it but she didn't. I asked her if it tickled and she said, "no it hurt." But she did say the stitches tickled.

All stitched up and happy to have her "hat" back on.

She was pretty excited about Superman being there and we were pretty excited that she was such a super girl and that the whole thing took only about an hour and fifteen minutes. Amazing!

Since it all happened in the middle of me making dinner, we stopped by Burger King on the way to get her antibiotics and got some food. Logan decided that any kid that gets stitches and doesn't cry about deserves a chocolate milkshake. Don't worry she didn't get the whole thing to herself... she had to share with us.

When we got her home and started getting her ready for bed she did not want to take her hat off. I had to tell her that it needed to go in the trash because there was blood all over it. She was a little disappointed about having to throw away her present. The whole event was so untramatic for her and us. We didn't know what to execpt her in PR. Sometimes things are smooth but most of the time you just count on everything being the worst case scenario. Now we know what hospital to go to when she needs to get her next set of stitches.


Mattson Family said...

Poor thing! I can't believe how brave she was! I'm so excited to see you guys in June!!

sbdunn said...

I can't believe how old Afton looks! Hard to believe she's only a month or so older then Jacob.