Thursday, July 30, 2009

The big 27!

Logan recently celebrated his 27th birthday.... he's getting pretty old. j/k But I do remember attending his 22nd birthday so it does feel like we've been "together" a long time. Logan we love you.... I love you. You deserve to be immensely happy in life, and hopefully you are! So here's to you, the best husband, dad, son, brother, brother-in-law, son-in-law, birthday boy ever! It is always a good time when you are around.

We went to the beach and it was a PERFECT day to go. The water was warm and it was sunny and warm outside. Perfect. Afton crawled all over the place going from sea shell to sea shell. She'd pick them up tasted them and put them down. After awhile I realized she was chewing on some sea weed.... she's so sneaky and fast!

diggin up a shell

The birthday boy

My eternal companion.... lucky girl.

After the beach we went home, cleaned up and headed to Mission beach to go to Phil's BBQ. This place is great and so affordable. If your a true San Diegan you've heard of and been to Phil's. The line is always crazy long but it was well worth it to celebrate Logan's b-day.

Kris and Emily Holiday who celebrated their 3rd anniversary the day before.

Us. Doesn't my tri-tip sandwich look sooo good. It was! The french fries are fresh cut like In-N-Out.... so good.

Afton's first rib.... I'm sure you can guess that I didn't give that to her. The manager saw her and asked us for a copy of the picture... we'll have to send one.

Logan laughed when he saw I made cupcakes... why is that funny? I love cupcakes.

Singing Happy birthday. Logan said it was the worst birthday song he's ever heard... I guess we were that bad!

Blowing out the candles. The cake: chocolate with fudge frosting... his favorite.

Thank you to everyone who called and sent stuff on his birthday! He felt very loved. :) Now here's a little treat I found on our computer... some pictures from his birthdays past!

2004- 22nd birthday. It was quite the fiesta!

His birthday pinata.

While he was blind folded his mom mashed a water balloon on his head.... this is him getting her back!

No we're not dancing...not sure what were doing.

Same cake as always... chocolate cake with fudge frosting.

He's wearing the birthday present I made him. On our first date he told that when he got older he wanted to retire early and just spend his time bbq-ing while wearing a kiss the cook apron. He's got the apron no he just needs to get older and retire. :)

2005- 23rd birthday. Our nephew Sailor Shreeve was sealed to his family in the San Diego temple that day. We went to BJ's and got Logan a birthday pazookie.

2006- 24th Birthday. My family came down that Sunday from Irvine to celebrate it with us. The day before was Kris and Emily Hollidays wedding so all of Logan's Mission companions were in town. They got him a toy airplane and hostess cupcakes to celebrate.

2007- 25th Birthday. Logan's sister Kim drove down with her kids and brought his favorite cupcakes with his favorite icing. That Sunday my family drove down to celebrate.
Summer helping him blow out the candles

Look how cute these boys are... getting into the trash and all sorts of mischief! :)

Ashlee wrapped her present like a bomb..... it was a CTU shirt. (from the show 24)

A family tradition

He got a remote control helicopter and couldn't wait to use it!

2008- 26th Birthday. His sister Katie planned a little surprise birthday party at a mexican restaurant. We met up with my family after dinner to see The Dark Knight. Sunday we had a dinner a little party with my fam.

Michaels lovely wrapping using supplies from work.... plastic wrap and brown packaging paper.

Slap bracelet giftcard

Killer icecream cake that I think I finished off by myself... hey, I was pregnant.

Well that was a fun little... or long walk down memory lane. He's had a lot of great birthdays! Thanks to everyone for making them special.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nine Months!

The stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 12 oz. (16%)
Height: 27 3/4 in (58%)
Head: 18 in (91%) big noodle! :)

What a big girl she has become! We love how silly and funny and spontaneous she is. Always getting into some mischeif. Loves to talk and make loud noises. Started saying mama and know's what it means... says dada but hasn't figured out who that is yet. Love's everyone, doesn't matter who you are! Not sure when the stranger anxiety is going to start but definitely hasn't yet. She loves crawling from person to person at church, climbing up their leg, playing with them for a few minutes then moving on to the next person. She is a total mooch! If you have food she is your best friend. You would think we starve the girl!... we don't. Love's zuccini... but still gags when we try and feed her pea's. Love's all dogs and chases them around the park all day. She scares them a lot of the time because she just starts screaming for excitement and crawling after them as fast as she can. She throws some pretty impressive tantrums. I can't believe she's only 9 months and has the whole throw the head back, lay on the ground rolling around kicking and crying as loud as I can thing down already. I'm not sure how to handle that yet. I just put her down when she starts to throw a tantrum and act like I don't notice it. Is that bad? Most of the time however she is delightful and loves to laugh. She has started to stand up on her own and balance for a few seconds. Loves's to destroy the house and pull everything out. Has figured out how to open cabinets and close doors. And most importantly she has captured our hearts. We love this wild and spunky, cute and cuddly, innocent and mischievious, silly little girl.

For some reason her favorite toy is this beany baby skunk. She never tires of it.

At her Dr. appointment. She got shots and didn't even cry just gave the nurse this look like "What do you think you're doing!?"

After her appointment I had to go to swim lessons. Usually I take Afton in the water with me but it was a free swim day so I just had to gaurd the pool. Afton waited inside with dad....she really wanted to come outside!

Relaxing at the beach

I love the days when we can just stop by the beach and walk along the boardwalk soaking in the sun and cool breeze.

Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4th

Well the 4th of July was fun. Logan of course had to work on the 4th.... it seems like he has to work on every holiday! It kind of stunk because he worked the evening shift which means we didn't get to do the whole BBQ-ing and fireworks stuff with him. His shift started at 5:00 p.m. but atleast we did have him in the morning. We went to the ward pancake breakfast. I made (well sort of) this little outfit for Afton. Really all I did was make the bow and sew a few stars on the top.

From drab... 4th of July fab! It got this dress/shirt last year on final markdown. I'm glad I got to use it for the 4th.

Kris Holiday feeding Afton pancake pieces.

For some reason her outfit didn't last long. She threw up... must of been the pancakes... all over her dress. I just couldn't take the smell so she ended up naked for the holiday. She probably preferred it that way. Playing with Emily Holliday.

On the 4th they have a huge party with a band and booths etc at Lake Murray. Than at 9 there was a fireworks show over the lake. It was really cool. So we got to walk around the lake until it was time for the show. At 9 Logan got to go on the hospital roof and watch fireworks . He got to see literally all the shows in San Diego from there. He could even see the same one we were watching. ( somewhere out there..... jk).

Me and my little girl. Again, our camera is being lame and blurry.

I'm really sad that I didn't get a pic of Logan or of all of us together. Maybe next time we'll all get to spend it together,