Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4th

Well the 4th of July was fun. Logan of course had to work on the 4th.... it seems like he has to work on every holiday! It kind of stunk because he worked the evening shift which means we didn't get to do the whole BBQ-ing and fireworks stuff with him. His shift started at 5:00 p.m. but atleast we did have him in the morning. We went to the ward pancake breakfast. I made (well sort of) this little outfit for Afton. Really all I did was make the bow and sew a few stars on the top.

From drab... 4th of July fab! It got this dress/shirt last year on final markdown. I'm glad I got to use it for the 4th.

Kris Holiday feeding Afton pancake pieces.

For some reason her outfit didn't last long. She threw up... must of been the pancakes... all over her dress. I just couldn't take the smell so she ended up naked for the holiday. She probably preferred it that way. Playing with Emily Holliday.

On the 4th they have a huge party with a band and booths etc at Lake Murray. Than at 9 there was a fireworks show over the lake. It was really cool. So we got to walk around the lake until it was time for the show. At 9 Logan got to go on the hospital roof and watch fireworks . He got to see literally all the shows in San Diego from there. He could even see the same one we were watching. ( somewhere out there..... jk).

Me and my little girl. Again, our camera is being lame and blurry.

I'm really sad that I didn't get a pic of Logan or of all of us together. Maybe next time we'll all get to spend it together,



Oh she is still just so beautiful!!! Do you guys live near the Holidays? I didn't know you all knew each other... or did I? Hey, you emailed me the directions on how to make a hair bow... but I think I must have accidentally deleted it. Would you mind emailing it to me again? I loved her 4th of July outfit. It looked great with head band and bow.When's your next trip to Fresno? I'm heading down in two weeks. Can't wait! I hope to stop by and say hello to your parents :)