Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It was that time again!...

The San Diego Fair came to town. I love the fair! Mostly for the food that makes me feel nauseaus soon after eating it, but also for the animals, pig races, quilt displays, and random collections section(will be explained further on in the entry). We had a great trip this year. It was a lot of fun taking Afton for the first time since she was actually some what aware of what was going on. She's crazy about all animals so we knew she'd love going to the petting zoo. We have some really good memories from the San Diego Fair. Logan and I went the year we got married. Two years later we went with the Shreeves before they moved to Kentucky. One of my favorite memories from that time is when I turned around just in time to see Sailor (3 yrs.) trying to ride one of the goats in the petting zoo... haha.. wild kids! :) Too much fun. This year we created our own family memories... good ones. :) And I hope to continue going for years to come.

Trying to pet the sheep. She loved it when they would Baaaa.

Petting the goats.

Petting Dad. :)

Best buds.

Stopping to feed the little girl. Man things were much easier before we had to worry about this kind of stuff! Logan of course had a cinnamon roll, his favorite thing in the world.

Taking a nap, giving mom and dad a break!

Then suddenly I looked down to see this. haha

She loves her daddy.

Fair Food! So toxic it's almost lethal! :) jk

And time for my favorite part of the fair. They have a section of collection displays that people can enter. There have been some very very weird collections that people have entered. I often wonder what else these people collect and what their houses must look like on the inside! haha So here are a few note worthy collections.

This would have been my fair entry 10 years ago:

Yes I was a troll person. Even had the troll tree house that was one of those toys I had to have then never used! For Christmas one year my grandma got me a troll sweater that was so hideous and I LOVED IT! haha. Even wore it for school picture day, what was my mom thinking!? I would pull the picture out and post it but it would be to hard to find right now.

This would be my sister Ashlee's collection 10 years ago (and secretly still today):

That's right N'SYNC.

And I'm not sure why someone would collect so many staplers.... excuse me, so many US staplers.

There was also a collection of old empty Icecream cartons.... Maybe I should start collecting mine!

And us leaving the Fair... Until next year!


Robby and Katie said...

Fair cinnamon rolls are the best! My mouth is drooling for one right now.