Friday, July 10, 2009


That is what I am going to call our "quick trips to fresno". We've made them a lot lately, or so it feels. We love being there but don't enjoy the drive now that Afton is mobile and hates being contained to a carseat. She really isn't to bad but we do usually stop for an hour halfway through our 6 hour drive so that she can get out to crawl around. I miss being able to just get in the car and get wherever we are going! But, she's worth stopping for. :)

With 2 of her cousins. Mia (4 months), Afton (8 months), Kaedyn ( 17 months)

I never did get a picture of them all looking forward.

Look how cute Mia is. Afton was just about to grab her face.

With Nana

The future misisonary talking with Afton. He was the reason we drove up. It was Johns mission farewell and eagle scout bbq.... no one wanted to go to another eagle court of honor so we did an informal bbq instead.

Aunt Ashlee

Not a very good pic of these guys. haha Mike looks like he's making the blue steal face.

John and the proud parents.

Uncle Whit played with Afton in the pool. She loves, loves, the water and swimming.

This is the best dog ever! Not very obedient but a great dog! He kept jumping in the pool to steal the noodles from everyone. He didn't care if you were holding it and he wouldn't give up until he got it. If you've seen Marley and Me, that is exactly what this dog is like.... such a sweetheart but loves to get in trouble. :)

Maz jumping off the rock.

Sitting with Grandma after swimming.

After John's bbq we ran over to another bbq at the Christensens. Logans sister Kiley and her family were in town. We hadn't seen them in over a year and hadn't seen Kaedyn since she was like 7 weeks old.... she's definitely changed a lot!

Kaedyn (17 months), Afton (8 months), Avery (24 months). My camera was acting up and wouldn't focus... lame... so this is the best pic I got. Bummer.

Eating a popsicle. For some reason she likes cold food. Sometimes when I heat food up she doesn't want it anymore. Logan has discovered that she loves frozen pea's but won't even touch defrosted or fresh ones.

And while in Fresno we took family pictures. We haven't gotten them back yet but we're really excited. Here is a sneak peek at what they might look like.... this one is from my camera, not the photographers. Speaking of photographer... Rachel Boyer took them. If your in Fresno and need a photographer give her a call... she's a total sweetheart and a great photographer.