Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just about 35 weeks

Logan took this picture today after church. I found this dress at Kohl's for 15 bucks! Not bad at all. Any way, this is my current state. I'm starting to forget what I looked like before and how I felt before. I think we only have 5 weeks left... so I would be 35 weeks on Tuesday... something like that! :) Whatever the case it's getting close!

Another Padres Game

Last weekend Logan worked the morning shift which mean't that we could actually go out on a date on the weekend. We haven't had that many opportunities to actually hang out on the weekends since Logan has always worked nights on the weekend. We decided to make good use of what little time we have together with just the two of us and we went to the Padres game. We can always find really cheap last minute tickets that people are selling on cragslist. Our first choice was to go to the maroon5 concert but since we didn't start calling around for tickets until 6:30 p.m., all the last minute cheap tickets were gone and we didn't want to spend alot of money on regular tickets. So, we went to the padres game. It was alot of fun except that we had to park far away and walk. I don't remember our regular parking spot being that far away before! The baby was in an bad spot for walking and every step seemed to put more and more pressure on my bladder. We had great seats that were in the tenth row on the bottom deck. Really close to the field. The Padres lost..... they seem to lose all the games that we go to... or maybe just all their games. :) It also didn't help that we were playing the giants, who I love, and there were alot of giants fans there that were kind of in your face fans. This one guy in particular was driving me crazy. I really had to restrain myself to not throw something at him. Sounds horrible but I just felt like throwing candy, a rolled up wrapper, grapes... anything at him. He was yelling so loud and being such an obnoxious jerk to everyone. Then he kept standing up and yelling as loud as he could to cuss out the padre players while they were on the field. I was really annoyed. For one thing he was a big guy and I could see past him everytime he got up. I also just don't understand the mentality of people like that! Why does he think he's so tough? So I had to tone him out and focus on other things. The game was fun though. It wasn't fun that we didn't even score one run and the Giants scored 7! But it was fun to get out of the house and go do something together. After the game we stopped by blockbuster and picked up the movie What Happens in Vegas and some Mexican food from this small restaurant down the street. We actually got the movie with a gift card Logan got from the Christensens for his birthday. It was so nice to not have to pay! Over all we had a great and affordable date night together.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our family photo shoot

I've really been wanting to take family pictures but not the kind you have to pay for... spend money, no way! So, Logan and I went to the beach and took some carboard boxes, like usual, and took pictures with our 10 second timer. Logan has become a pro at setting the camera and running to get into position. We always get lots of looks and laughs from people walking by. When we went, there was another couple there taking pictures with a professional photographer, we definitely felt a little lame with our boxes and timer but I can honestly say we had more fun taking them our way. They would have turned out better if we had remembered to turn the flash on for some of them but it's a little too late now! :) We also aren't very good at posing and positioning ourselves. We kept looking over at the other couple to see how the professional guy had positioned them. haha. It was a lot of fun.

It was the most beautiful day for taking pictures! Overcast with the sun shining through in spots... so pretty.
I know this one is a little drowned out. I really need to try and edit some of these with photoshop but I haven't quite yet learned how to use it.

So handsome!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


So yesterday it was my 24th birthday. I'll admit, it started out a little depressing. Logan had to work in the morning but he got up early enough to make breakfast for me. It was my favorite...German pancakes, which are really nothing like pancakes. It was really sweet of him to make them. After that he left and went to work. I had a bad night and was still really tired. That night I hadn't been able to sleep at all so I moved to the couch and fell asleep there. Logan came and woke me up at 3:00 in the morning and when I got up to move to the bed I had a fat kink in my neck, a sore back on my left side, and a sore shoulder. It was the first time I had had a sore back from the pregnancy. So, that morning I was still really sore. I decided to lay down for a bit and ended up not leaving the house until 12:00. I felt so lazy! I ran some errands and came home after a couple of hours. Once I got home I decided to swim a couple laps in our pool. The last couple of days I have been finding time to swim laps and do water aerobics (sounds silly but it feels great and really stretches me out plus I am a certified water aerobics instructor :) I was swimming when Logan surprised me by coming home a couple of hours early. He brought me flowers and a really good Jamba Juice. It was really sweet. The depressing part is when I started to get ready later on. I couldn't find anything to wear that fit me. I wanted to dress up nice but realized that I just don't like maternity clothes and my regular clothes just aren't cutting it anymore. I know it shouldn't be depressing but I was a little sad I couldn't wear any of my cute clothes. Finally I found something that I felt ok in and we headed off to go celebrate. Logan took me out to get a spa pedicure. It felt great. I had him pick out the color and I was a little shocked when he brought it over. It was fluorescent orange... not bright orange but fluorescent orange... possibly glow in the dark. Haha. I love it though. It's fun and definitely noticeable! After the pedicure we went to Benihanas for dinner on my parents. Thanks guys, it was a lot of fun. Both of us had never been there before and were impressed. They treat you really special when they know it's your birthday. I really hate it when they come and sing to you (which they did) but it was fun getting free pineapple and a picture. After dinner we decided to go out for a stroll on the beach. The weather was great! We made sure to get some pictures of me at almost 33 weeks. I'm looking a little big in these pictures due to the fact that I stuffed myself at dinner! :) Things were really feeling tight and uncomfortable afterwards! We were thinking of going to the Ok Go free concert at SDSU but decided to opt out since we were both already so tired and the concert didn't start until 11. It was a great day and I had a lot of fun doing my favorite thing, just spending time with Logan.

The picture they took of us at Benihanas. They give you a copy but also load it onto their internet site so you can go on and get a digital copy... so cool.

In a parking garage at the mall. We stopped by before heading to the beach to see if we could find anything I wanted for my birthday. I really don't have anything I want though.

A picture of us at the beach.

33 weeks

My fluorescent orange toes!

Spending the Holiday with the Hollidays!

Labor Day was a very busy day! We moved into our new apartment on Labor Day. It was a big job for an 8 month pregnant lady. Luckily my mom was there to help me get the necessities put away and unpacked. I had been staying up in Fresno for the last couple weeks without Logan while he worked and stayed with the Hollidays. I came down when we could afford and had found a place to live. Both Logan and I took summer school to finish our degrees so we were a little low on the funds! But hey, we're done! Sunday after church my mom and I drove down. It was exciting knowing that we were going to finally get settled in somewhere and not just anywhere but a nice and roomy place. We love our new apartment. It's in a great area and only about a mile away from some good friends! Labor Day we got started pretty early. Logan went with some buddies to get the trailer and start unloading it and I went with my mom to get some breakfast for everybody. The boys had already loaded the trailer up on Saturday so all they had left to do was unload it. We met back at the place, ate a little and got to work. My mom left around 2:00 and somehow missed any sort of traffice... impossible! She got really lucky with that! After a long day of putting things away and organizing we took a break and celebrated the Holiday with the Hollidays. They have a great house with a swimming pool. It was nice for me to get in and swim a little. It was a hot day and my feet had gotten a little swollen from all the standing up. Logan and the boys had fun making up games and practicing different ways of jumping in the pool. It was pretty entertaining for everyone else to watch. I love that their games usually have some sort of physical pain. For example, one of the games consisted of one person standing on one end of the pool and the other person in the water on the other side of the pool. The person in the water had to hold on to the edge and not move while the person on the other end threw a ball and tried to hit them it got a little more complicated from there but that is pretty much the point of the game.... sounds like a lot of fun... maybe if you’re the thrower! :) Kris made some killer BBQ chicken wrapped in bacon and Logan made a great bean dip. It was a good ending to a long day! Thanks to everyone that helped us with our many moves! We couldn't have done without you!

Our bedroom, what a mess. We've gotten it picked up since then!

View of the living room from our door. The kitchen is on the other side of the brown bookshelves.

At the Hollidays

Logan doing a flip, then trying to land through the hole in the raft. He actually did it on his first attempt. I was pretty impressed. I don't think they thought about what would have happen if he had only gotten one leg through the hole or had clothes lined his neck! :) But he didn't, it all went smooth.

Emily waxed all the boys' nose hairs that night after we all got out of the pool. This is Logan getting ready for her to pull the plugs out (and his hairs). Surprisingly he didn't scream and actually liked how clean his nose felt afterwards. It was really funny to watch all the guys have their turn.

Girls Night!

During my stay in Fresno I got to meet up with a couple of my girlfriends. We didn't get many pictures and there are some people that are missing in them, but some pictures are better than none! I've really missed having my girls close and being able to hang out anytime! I love you all and can't wait until the next time we get to meet up for a girls night!

Ashley, Me, and Rocky at Ava's 10 and half month birthday party! :)

Robin, Fussa, Sharon, Me, Mom, Ashlee, Lori, Mom, and Becca at Red Robins. Good food, good friends and a good movie at my house afterwards... just like old times. Sorry you had to miss it Missy! :)

Our Last Ultrasound

We went in for our last ultrasound at 31 weeks. Last time we went in she was breech and wouldn't move. Because she was in an ackward position, they weren't able to see part of her heart clear enough They told us to come back for another one and hope that she was in a different position. She was! Everything checked out good and it was fun to see her one last time before the big day. She is really tight in there, not a whole lot of room to move around, though she still manages to. The doctor said she weighed 3 pounds and 13 ounces so they guessed that she would be on the upper 7's lower 8's. We'll see in 8 weeks if their estimation is accurate!

30 weeks!

Here is a picture of the baby belly at a few days past 30 weeks. We were pretty bad about taking pictures of it so Logan decided to take this one before he left to go back down to San Diego. Unfortunately I hadn't gotten ready for the day yet and was a little fixed on watching the olympics, hence the reason I'm not looking at the camera. But, it'll do for a record of our growth improvements!

Baby Shopping

Well we finally decided to take one Saturday and check out some baby stuff. We were clueless! You think that you somewhat know what your doing until you get to the store and see all of the options! There was just way to much stuff to choose from and it was overwhelming. Luckily we weren't there very long until we called in some backup.... a very experienced mom. :) It was fun to go and just get some ideas of what we will need and what we want. I think we've decided on the minimalist approach... getting mostly necessities and things that are small and compact since we will be living in a small apartment in San Diego. Since the visit to the baby store we have also gone home and done some research on things. All in all the visit to the store finally got us started on getting ready for our baby girl. We still don't have anything but we did finally move into our new place last week. Now we can start collecting everything we'll need. It's been a hectic summer but everything is starting to fall into place!